HELP. Glass nail fell inside my oil rig. Won't come out

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  1. I bought a dab rig today, and before I could even use it, the nail it came with fell inside my rig. Any thoughts on how I can get it out?
  2. here is a picture
  3. go to the hardware store and tell them your problem they will direct you to these gfhghg.jpg gfgdvffvg.jpg
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  4. That nail is the wrong size, Iron-Eyes probably has the best idea other than trying to shake it out.
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    it'd feel real stupid to break an arm in yer tree perk without even ever gittin a rip outta it
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  6. I hope the glass isn't that thin haha, I shake the shit out of my rigs when I clean them.
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  7. but not with an undersized nail dropped low inside the unit dawg:rolleyes:
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  8. Just break it open and super glue it back. Lol jk

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  9. It might just be sticky inside the downstem area. So maybe soak it in rubbing alcohol over night. Then back flush hot water through it? It's a conundrum fo sho!
  10. nope
  11. I've had a sticky nail stuck n my rig once. I torched it (carefully) so that the concentrate kinda melted, and shook it out. I saw no other way.
  12. Nice purchase
  13. I'm sorry man, that sucks. I hate it when things like that happen with something new :(

    I think the best thing to do is get some needle nose plyers, forceps, or something like the other person posted pics of and try to get it loose that way. May take some wiggling too. Warm soapy water will likely help too. Once it's out, never let the nail get close to it again otherwise that will keep happening
  14. Go get a piece of wire and put a little bend or hook at the end and fish it out --- shouldn't be that hard. Soapy water will help if its stuck. Since you haven't used it yet, it shouldn't be 'resin'd' in at all....
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  15. The little piece of wire tied into a loop suggested was a great idea, you can also get a magnet retriever from any hardware store that can fit down the downtube 1458680057880.jpg

    A magnet may also help from the outside if you have one strong enough.

    Good luck man, that's shit luck.

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