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help glass in my weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by aaaaa123, Feb 1, 2023.

  1. i was stupidly grinding it up in a shot glass and i didnt realize until after grinding for a bit that the bottom broke!! and now there's little tiny pieces of glass in there like ones i can't see without a light shining on it and im worried can i still smoke it? I don't own a bong and my only option right now is a joint so is it safe or will i inhale glass and it's gonna fuck up my lungs or something
  2. Probably a bad idea. Also, buy a grinder or use your fingers.
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  3. We are talking about 5 dollars worth of cannabis right? Saving it seems kind of weird to me but to each their own... I don't know your financial situation... :)

    So in theory you could use a water bong to filter it while smoking or you could drop the weed in a bowl of water....gently shake all the excess glass so that it sinks to the bottom, then dry your herb and smoke it up.


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  4. I'm curious and I'm having a hard time imagining what exactly happened because IME shot glasses don't easily break. What were you using to grind weed inside the shot glass? When the bottom of the shot glass broke, didn't stuff fall out the bottom? Or did only the inside of the glass break and not the outside? Are you sure what you're seeing is broken glass and not trichs? Are you new to weed?

    Regarding your question, there are ways to salvage the weed but for how much weed there could possibly be in a shot glass you should just toss it, it's not worth the time or effort to clean it up
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  5. Throw that shit away.
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  6. How old are you ?
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  7. Chuck it. Or inhale glass. Up to you.
  8. umm please dont smoke that its not worth it
  9. I was an x-ray tech for 27 years and x-rayed a lot of people who swallowed or inhaled things. The one guy who I remember inhaled some ground up glass (never heard how THAT happened) had to have multiple surgeries, partial lung removal and a hell of a lot of blood in the lungs. For a few bucks of weed, I think I'd pass... But people can do what they want.
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  10. Are you saying he had ground glass opacities on his x-rays?
  11. Well glass may or may not show up on an x-ray depending on it's source. Accidentally ingest a piece of glass from a pickle jar and chances are it won't show up. However if you swallow a 'metal based' glass like crystal that has lead or some types of colored glass that has manganese, and yes it'll show up. Like I said, I didn't know how this guy got glass in his lung but my guess it was ground up lead crystal by the way it looked to me. :)
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  12. smoke it from a bong.. glass doesnt burn homes IMO
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  13. Smoke using a bong or pipe with a screen.
  14. Who inhales glass, wow that must be a big story .
    So did you smoke it?(hopefully not) You have yet to re respond in this thread …
  15. U nailed it in your 1st 3 words. & welcome btw. :passing-joint: You can't fix stupid, ask how I know. :confused: Throw it out & start over, the weed u lost is the price of education. The cost of education just goes up. :metal:
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  16. What did he win a poster of a big bug eyed reptilians ?? Hehe :toke:
  17. #17 nachoboomer, Jun 5, 2023
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    If I had to smoke it it'd be thru a screened bong, & slowly. :confused_2:
  18. Ad above has been reported. Don't fall for this scam.
  19. Try my wife, she'll buy any MF'n thing. ;)
  20. Time to break out the gravity bong!

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