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help getting medical

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Ikou, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. can a psychiatrist give a recommendation for me to get a medical card? or is it just doctors?
  2. so noone has an answer? cause im going to my psychiatrist in 2 days
  3. The psychiatrist can't write a recommendation for you. But if you can get records that you've seen a psychiatrist about your problems, that may help you when you go see an actual doctor to get a recommendation.
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    Ikou is your psychiatrist also an MD? Some are! The ones with the MD after their name CAN INDEED prescribe both traditional medications such as paxil, as well as recommend cannabis. Why not ask? The worst that can happen is you get told "No!", doctor patient privilege protects you.

    A psychologist cannot prescribe anything, however. Perhaps that is what you were thinking about, WestCoastStyle?
  5. thnx for the info Storm Crow, my psychiatrist can prescribe medication so ill make sure and ask tomorow thank you for every1s info ill update 2morow with what she says!
  6. Thanks for the correction, Granny. You're right. I was thinking of psychologist. Of course some psychiatrists are doctors.

    So I'd go with what Granny mentioned. Just be up front with the psychiatrist and ask him/her.

  7. I'm pretty sure that you need a medical degree to become a psychiatrist, so I believe all psychiatrists are MD's.
  8. A psychologist that has a doctorate is also a doctor, and can recommend cannabis.

  9. turns out shes not very open minded. she told me she is a strong advocate of keeping marijuana illegal, then to make my day worse a huge freakout happend and im pissed as hell. :mad:

    and i have no weed
  10. Request a different psychiatrist if you can.
  11. That's not my understanding. A doctorate indeed makes you a doctor, but not a medical doctor.

    You can get doctorates in almost anything including; science, engineering, philosophy, theology, education, etc.

    I'm fairly sure only MD's can prescribe medicinal cannabis. I don't think an engineer can prescribe it to you.
  12. Get another shrink. Therapy is like a marriage- if you fight all the time, it won't work! I think you two have obvious "irreconcilable differences". Your therapist should basically be a (paid) wise friend who helps you figure out your problems, not an opponent. (Feel free to steal any of my lines ;)) My shrink (I was a troubled kid) "ran away" to the south seas with a dude 20 years younger than she was! BIG scandal! (WAY TO GO, Dr. Mac! LOL :D) We got along just fine! I think she helped me survive my childhood with a bipolar mother.

    Hey, when you finally tell her to "stuff it". Do me a big favor- if you dare. Flam a printed copy of my list down on her desk and tell her from me- she needs educating and that your friend, Granny, DARES her to read all the titles! I'd print it off the "innocent" site below.

    And guys, it is RECOMMEND, not prescribe! Big difference legally! Prescribing cannabis will get your doctor a few in the pen! Recommending is OK legally! :confused: I don't get it either! So remember it is recommend- or the doctor will think he has an uneducated fool for a patient. Just want you dudes to look good! ;)

    Granny :wave:
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    Definitely change psychiatrists!

    If she has that kind of attitude towards MMJ then she probably has other subjects that she's not too keen on. I'd definitely request a PROFESSIONAL next time... someone who looks at ALL sources of information instead of just what their teachers or the pharmaceutical industry says.

    She obviously has never had a family member or close friend benefit from MJ either. Anyone I've come across that's personally witnessed the magic of Medical Marijuana is a lifetime advocate after that.

    Even the Egyptians have writings on medical marijuana use from 1,500 B.C.!!

    She can't stop you though so don't worry. All you need is a copy of your medical records ROTFL!

    You can go to Medi-Cann for around $110 and they'll write you a recommendation. It's much easier to get a recommendation when you walk in with documented proof of your condition.
    (And they're ALL FOR Medical MJ so none of this pissy crap you get with know-nothing doctors)

    Good luck!

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