Help getting cat hair/lent off buds?!?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by screwstonzbo, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. It's tragic, it really is. My buddy is getting close to harvest and the sticky icky buds have been grabbing cat hairs. We've tried picking them off with our fingers but it's not easy and we don't want to touch the buds too much. :(

    There really has got to be a way to do something about this that's a little more productive than picking them off with tweezers at harvest, making it even more tedious.

    I've thought of a vacuum attachment but that seems risky. Was also thinking of making some kind of static electricity hair magnet thing, if that's even possible.

    And before any hate, we've already fixed the problem with pantyhose over the intake holes so it shouldn't happen anymore.

    Anyone have any solutions or input of any kind? This problem has to have occurred before.:confused::confused::confused: Thanks in advance yall.:smoke:
  2. I would like an answer to this too. I just started flowering (day 2 of 12/12) and I have found that I have a decent amount of dust / other random stuff like little hair and shit on a bunch of my fan leaves (and def won't want this stuff getting on the buds when they form). Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Does the cat go near the vicinity of your plants? Or is this free-floating cat hair that is carried with your movements?
  4. The cat goes in the same room as the box, can't really change that at the moment. It has no interest in the box or plants, except for basking in the artificial sunlight if the door is left open. Never goes in the box though.

    The box has a pretty excessive exhaust to deal with the Texas heat, therefore turning it into a big vacuum cleaner. Like I said though, took care of that problem with some pantyhose. Really just hoping someone has a trick or something that I can't think of for extracting the hairs, either before or after harvest, doesn't matter. Thanks to anyone who can help, love this forum.:wave:
  5. shot the cat.. or just smoke the cat hair. call your weed...hairball or burnt cat hair
  6. The only suggestion is to make sure the cat doesn't go near the box. It's probably easier to just prevent the cat from going close and having the possibility of shed hair everywhere than tweezing the hair off the buds.
  7. only thing you can do is keep the cat out of the grow.
  8. The hairs will have been sticking to the buds all along. As the buds grow the hairs become embedded in the bud as more stick to the outside. There's nothing to be done other than examine the buds under a bright light and pick off what you can.

    This happened with my first indoor grow so now I keep our one cat out of the room the closet is in when I'm growing. I picked off what I saw as I was clipping, but there were a few left inside but you didn't notice any bad taste smoking bowls or joints.

    Don't vaccuum your buds.
  9. Ug, thanks for the feedback, not looking forward to picking them all off but we'll get in there later with the ol tweezers and get to work. I'm not going to use the vacuum, it's the first thing that came to mind, but I can just picture myself with the hose like an inch from the bud and then *PHHWOOOOMP*, that would be an even greater tragedy. Thanks for the advice blades, I'll just have to name this stuff "hairball" I suppose.
  10. haha YES HAIRBALL!!! man shit get you so high you feel like a cat.. and cough like you got a hairball! haha

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