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Help getting card in CA

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ApopwnsBYOH, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I've been looking on weedmaps for a local place in socal that I can get my card in. But yet, what I've read from the reviews these places are sketchy and I am scared to get scammed. How do I go about and making sure I don't, This is the first time I am getting a card so any information about getting it will help. Thank you in advance :wave:
  2. Try google. There are more likely to be more reviews on google than weedmaps but I feel if even if they're a sketchy business, whats the worst that could happen just going in to talk to someone you know? There are tons of places, they can't all be sketchy. Obviously have all the paperwork you need also. Goodluck :)
  3. Well as for paper work I am fucked because I've talked to my doctor about my insomnia and he doesn't want to give me pills because of my anxiety. As well I was 17 at the time I self medicate and that has helped me with my insomnia problems can I go about and tell my doctor this?
  4. Look up CannaCare. They have a great reputation behind them. Take anything from your doctor regarding what ails you or have your doctor write a note as to why he denied you medication and take it to the clinic when seeking your Rec. Just bear in mind that there is an age requirement.
  5. I am of age now, doctor just rejected the use of pills just said I need more exercise but I am 5'11 and weight 165 pretty healthy but just cause of anxiety I can't get em. Is it better if I get doctors note instead of going all the way to Venice and getting ripped off there?
  6. It's certainly safer to do it the right way. CannaCare is a bit more expensive than some but your Rec. Is good for a year as opposed to months and they have lawyers on retainer to help you if you run into legal problems. If you don't have a Rec. and get busted for buying off the street you'll be disqualified from ever getting a legit Rec.
  7. What do you mean by buying off the street as in a dealer or dispensary?
  8. Yes that's what I meant.
  9. AMEC Dr. Robert Hashemiyoon

    This doctor is the guy i went to. I had no medical documents "My parents refused to pay for the medicine i needed and never took me to many doctors" I explained EVERYTING to him my whole life story and he gave me a 1 month rec to try MMJ.

    After that i came back told him its helped me alot "which is did" and he boosted me to a year rec

    Amazing doctor who actually does this on the side just to help people hes mainly a plastic surgeon
  10. Medical Marijuana Cards, Medical Marijuana Doctors, Medical Marijuana - Obtain your ID at MMEC

    been going to them since 2007! Not only will you get a card, but you have the back up of an entire Team of Lawyers that will back you incase u find yourself in trouble with law enforcement. :cool: These guys are the Shit!

    Tip: Easiest way to get a Card is being diagnosed with Insomnia. That will get you a card that expires in 12 months, No Diagnosis will get you 3 months then it expires and you will have to Renew it.
  11. Thank you both for your suggestions will be calling them tomorrow because they are fairly both the same distance from me

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