Help! Getting a deficiency.

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  1. Hey guys really need the help figuring this out. Been about 3 weeks now and nothing is getting better. They just went into bud two weeks ago and it's not looking good. Effecting partial plants and starts as yellow edges on leaves. Then hits tops hard and is halting bud growth. Not sure if I should tear out the injured or If I can correct it. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Could be a ph problem. Do you ph your water? Could be a deficiency problem.
  3. Ph is good at 6.8. Some sort of deficiency but can't seem to figure out what.

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  4. I would say nitrogen but then again nitrogen is mobile usually affects the bottom leaves. You have yellow tops, burnt tops, and yellow tips witch makes me think it's copper. When you have a copper deficiency tips turn yellow and the rest of the leaves are green. Hmmm maybe multiple symptoms.

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  5. Potassium deficiency. It looks like you have multiple problems. What nutrients are you using?
  6. That's what I think is I have a couple at same time as they went into bud while I was camping for 5 days and they maybe didn't get proper transition.

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  7. Well was using fish powder and house and gardens bio 1 component and super thrive. Then went to vermin all when I noticed it start to just give and equal all around then the week after I gav3 it vermibloom

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