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  1. Just need some advice on getting my WW seeds to germinate large seeds and very hard is there any one that has a good way to germinate these seeds trying the paper towel method and up to day 4 now still no signs 10 seeds in total . Do i need to scuff these seeds? Is the towel method ok or should i put straight into rockwool any help from all would be great....:confused:
  2. are you doing hydroponics ? if soil i ould just put it directly in the soil and i will see a sprout in 2 days .
  3. hydroponics system
  4. thanks 4 that anty45 big help cheers
  5. allright man no problem , glad i could help . if any other question just ask !
  6. go ahead & try to scuff them using the matchbox method, then soak the seeds in room temp warm water w/ a drop of superthrive or liquid seaweed @ 78f for 12hrs, & youll need to occasionally stir the seeds around, & when they sink they are ready to go into the moist (not soaking wet) paper towel method, using the same water to wet the towels.
    place seeds about 1" apart inbetween 4 paper towels folded in half, then place the paper towels in a zip baggie or a tupperware container & place them in a warm dark place, like on your high speed modem, or something that gives off a little warmth, & then just wait, do not turn the seeds or anything, & make sure there are no major temp swings while germing.

    it can take up to 10 days for them to germ

  7. thanks :)

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