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  1. What is the suggested method for germinating bag seed?
  2. Best method is to use rockwool
  3. humm no its not

    go with a warm wet paper towle put seed in the middle of the paper towle. Put in it a ziplock bag or a tubawere jar put in a warm place should be up within the next 2 3 days ..
  4. Agreed, this is the easiest/cheapest way to go, and even a stoner can do it.
  5. What I have done is get 2 paper towles and fold them into smaller squares so they fit inside a sandwich baggie (better if it has a ziploc). I soak the 2 folded paper towles in water, thne place both into the baggie. The seed goes inbetween both of the napkins.
  6. True its easier and cheaper but doesnt rockwool have a higher success rate?
  7. The question has gone from "recommended" method to "best" method to "easiest" and "cheapest" method.

    The fact is both methods work well. I recommend soaking the seeds in a glass of purified water for 24 hours first.
  8. Soaking seeds is quite helpful. You basically want to put it in some clean agua til the seed sinks (never wait for more than 24 hours or you will kill the seed). Once it sinks, you can transplant it direct to a jiffy cube or you can go for the paper towel method.
  9. I've been part of some very successful grows for almost 4 years and the method we've used to germ with 100% success is the paper towel method. fold both pieces of paper towel twice - in half 1 way then the other. place one of the pieces in a container that has a lid, place seed on top, then place the other piece of paper towel on top of the seed. Once you have the seed / paper towel placed add distilled water in small amounts to moisten the paper towel. You don't want it too wet or too dry. Put the lid on the container and put it in a semi-warm, dark place to germ. It should crack within 24 hours and be ready to placed in rockwool or dirt the day after cracking.

    You might want to try a couple different methods to see what works best for you. Good luck.

  10. Are you sure about this? I've read another germinating method on this forum that states you can leave seeds in a cup of water UNTIL they show a taproot???
  11. The same way you'd germinate any other seed. In a warm, dark, moist place.

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