help gc my hand/arm is fucked bad

Discussion in 'General' started by Jamtastic, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. im not sure what happened ,my tight hand is all fcked up im typin with 1 hand. I can open bottles of soda, make a tight fist, life my hand back beyond a lili less than 180 degress, cant open car doors or type or squeezeuu down,.

    any ideas i may have too go to the ER. Most the pain is near the side of hand pinky side.

    its not just hand, i cant grip a bottle of water and bring it to my mouth and take a drink, I feel paraylzedl i itry to do thpings, i thi0nk them but cant. ah hel;p

    Any advice. Hell I can'tp even pull the plunger back on a spike. and this suks cause the boss at my new joob is giving me tons of hours and this is really hurts

    srry 4 typing
  2. Did you hit an artery? Have you been shooting near your elbow, wrists?

    I would go to the ER I you have insurance.
  3. Where you fucking around with weights or hit something? Maybe it's a cramp. If the pain persists or worsens I would go to a doctor just to be on the safe side.

    Being a little more specific can help, too :) (sorry I know you can barely type).
  4. just curious what would that do?

    and I have good insurance so I might go there later
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    It will cause extreme pain and can even lead to amputation as you can infect and kill tissue.

    Shooting into an artery can be apparent almost immediately. The blood pressure is far greater and blood kind of shoots into to the rig way too fast. The blood color is also off.

    Edit: I should also mention that large amounts of swelling usual take place.
  6. Oh no! You can't pull back the plunger on your rig??? How terriible. I feel horrible for you.

    Go see a doctor.
  7. sounds like you pinched or did something to your nerve, maybe the ulnar nerve. Get it checked out.

  8. His pinky and ring finger would be numb if he did something with his ulnar nerve. It wouldn't hurt as much as it would be numb. I have ulnar nerve damage.
  9. Any updates sir? How's it feeling now.

    I don't want to scare you but some shooting related conditions are extremely time sensitive for treatment, like hours.

  10. when he said "Most the pain is near the side of hand pinky side." That is what has me leaning towards the Ulnar nerve. He also states that it feels like he's paralyzed in those areas.

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