help from experienced grower only on airial camoflage

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by zee_baron, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. hello comrads!
    I was wondering if anyone in particular had any good suggestions for protecting my crop from airial surveilance. It is in a marshy area, much cat tail reeds i think you call them, reeds. But if anyone has done this and succeeded please enlighten me.

    Thank you.

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  2. You should do fine as long as you clip the obvious leaves. Aerial suveillance wont look at just a large greens stem with regular leaves or no leaves at all.
  3. yeah too bad that would probably kill the plant, id say your best bet is to not plant there and find a place with similar colored plants around
  4. yooo! I live in ct too!...hows ur a beginner n had a tuff time starting. Where in ct r u?
  5. wow wow, did ya know that in an airplane you can oviously find plants bacause in the air it looks different than other plants i think its cause of the thc but you need to put somethin on there.

  6. thats the dumbest thing i've heard, i can understand if you have a feild of 10000 fuckin plants then yeah i think police will pick up on it, but if you keep to like 10 plants then whos to know? if you grow in the right spot with other trees and plants around the only way you can get caught is if someone fallows your path and gets to your site.
  7. no its not. my friends dad used to fly CHP over this are. i get loaded wit him all the time and he used to go and steal the bud off of various plants thats why he dont work for the CHP anymore. and i used to smoke the stolen buds with em. but you see he told me about that and the most he ever found in this area was about 5 plants. but it looks like a bright green color from air and other plant no matter if they look the same color on ground wont camofloge it trees can help cover it but then it doesnt get light so you need to cover it. like i heard bout this glass roof you put on top of a shed and it looks like a normal metal roof.
  8. i dont believe that, thats liek syaing you can pick out a rose bush just by the color from air. but of course most of you are in the states and have nothing better to do then fly around and look for weed :S
  9. its true, a marijuana plant has a very distinctive look from the sky,..ONE plant.. 5 plants. .... 25 plants.....
    *edit i think you can add extra somthing to the soil to change the color of the plant a little
  10. hey people i need help on mine go to mine plz.
  11. hmmm i thought that they used thermal imaging to detect plants since aparently weed gives off more heat than normal trees etc. So if you just have a few plants you should be ok, but ya in a bush would be better.
  12. Some drunk person told me the other night that he puts red Christmas balls on his plants to make them appear as tomato plants. Not the shiny balls but the matte ones....probably the one's that are wrapped in that red string stuff. Anyway, I dunno about that. It came from a drunk person so I don't claim that it works. I'm just passing along info.
  13. well here's what i know on it, if it's worth

    1/ yes helicopters can detect MJ plants from the air, they have a device (may be thermal imaging, not too sure).........but it can pick up MJ plants from all other plants, except Tomato plants, which give off the sam signal..........MJ and tomato plants are very closely related, and i even use Tomato fert for the veg stage of my grows..........

    Rumjil henace why the drunk, would have been stating that he put balls on them to mimic tomatoes.........

    now the only thing with this is that Tomato plants leaves (when grown outdoors), are generally darker than MJ leaves....(not all strains, but most) some growers add a lot of Nitrogen to an allready healthy plant to make the leaves turn a darker green........and when planted in with the tomatoes, allmost impossible to tell the diffrence.......

    Peace out...........Sid
  14. really good idea.. im gonna have 2 try that
  15. I just thought i had to share this with all of you... I got currious after reading this thread, and used a search engin to look for "tomato plants" this is a picture of a tomato plant. It REALLY looks like weed with red christams balls on it, dosnt it? espicially from the air you would have no idea

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  16. chistmas trees chistmas trees chistmas trees gives off same heat and similar color
  17. if u think it works. myse3lf id like to see a pick with a real plant with fake tomatoes on it to make me belive it

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