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  1. hello! I am a first time grower that has been wanting to do this for a very long time. I am growing indoors, in soil as a first time less expensive approach to get the hang of some beginners issues before taking it to the next level. I was wondering if someone can take a look at some photos, to tell me what happened.
    From germination I had a wonderful growth in two weeks time. I planted them in soil, looked up some natural fertilizers to help the beginning steps. Sprouted so easily, beautiful green leaves producing- I was ecstatic!
    After about two weeks of wonderful growth, I woke up one morning and found a wilted plant! I’ve done so much research on the causes of these things but what’s confusing is one problem can look like many other problems.
    I’ve considered overwatering, ph levels off, and low to no absorption of nutrients due to one of those issues. I will post pictures in order from that morning to right now, I’m hoping to receive some advice !! :) D61B13D6-2E40-414E-A956-86235925D74F.jpeg 647781B2-D327-4643-A58D-D4932888865B.png D6687902-892F-4096-AFDE-4003C12B6AA4.jpeg 326ED5D5-6A18-4AD2-AC7A-27B702A9E652.jpeg FCBFFD76-DF9C-4B5C-9B66-4FDF2947A3D1.jpeg 2AE43E22-6147-4DBE-B6DC-1B7AD8A94BAE.jpeg
  2. How often are you watering...and with how much water? Do you have a Ph tester to test your water?
  3. Yes after a lot of research I believe the pots were too small and holding onto the water a little too much, the ph of the water has been in the 6.8 realm.
    I transplanted them into bigger pots, more soil and I went easy on the watering. I now have a ph tester and I added some nutrients to the small amount of water I added after the transplant (last night)
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  4. Although, when transporting them I did find the roots to look pretty healthy. No browning, and they seemed pretty strong - I had to loosen all of the soil to relieve the roots
  5. Transplanting with perlites smart, what's the white flat stuff on the pots? If your not phing your water, 6.8 would do. But if you are phing it, would be better to bring it down to around 6.4.

    I agree with what you discovered, waterlog cam cause issues... Maybe i should have added perlite to my aloe vera, hope it makes it!

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  6. That white stuff was just some cleaned egg shells! I added them to the soil in the very beginning, and it seemed to have amazing effects/ the plants grew fast! I’m not sure what’s normal, but the last photo is today exactly 2 weeks and 3 days from germination.
  7. The soil looks very packed and muddy due to overwatering. Also you should add in more perlite for increased aeration; more oxygen to the roots. Overwatering can also cause nutrient lockout.
  8. I keep seeing stuff about the perlite! Is that something too stressful to add into the soil after transporting them to bigger pots with new soil? I’m definitely paying more attention to how much water I’ll be giving them from now on, and will check the ph for every watering.
  9. I'd let your eggshells sit out and dry completely then use a coffee grinder to turn them into a calcium dust. You can add perlite into your next soil mix when you pot up to the next size to help with aeration too. When you water just feel the weight of your pot when its dry and right after a watering and you can get a better feel for it. I have some in 5 gallon pots that take 3 to 4 days to dry and some in 2 gallon pots that take 2 to 3 days
  10. Thought so. Cool. I bought a pestle and mortar to grind mine.

    I did some reading on eggshells and unless you make them into powder it will take longer than from seed to harvest before the plant is able to get any calcium off them.

    Calcium is important so good thinking! Organic too

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  11. That’s a good point, I’ll add the perlite when I transport them to the next pots!
    The past two days I haven’t been fully wetting the soil, I thought to do a little to help recuperate, with some added nutrients.
    Any thoughts on using a rooting supplement or hormone in this stage? Even if it’s a light dose just to give some extra spunk to the roots?
  12. That’s great thinking as well! I didn’t even think to grind them up further than I did, I will definitely do that with my mortar and pestle!
  13. They also can lower your soils ph so watch that, i threw some on my plants but they dont seem affected, im sure quantativley it could be figured out, measurements and such.

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  14. I figure, it can’t hurt! So if it helps that’s great! Hahah
    I asked above, have you heard of or have any opinions on using a root stimulator in this early stage of my plants? Even if it’s just a light dose every so often? I’ve seen some good things, but wondering if anyone has any input that?
  15. Yes I would add some rooting hormone if you want too. The nutrients i use have one called propagator and it's meant for root development. Looking at your pictures looks like they are almost ready for transplant. Better to water completely with a bit of run off so the roots grow all the way down then when they start coming out thr drainage holds ready for another trandplant unless it's your final pot.
  16. Myccoriza or whatever its spelt. Next time you transplant you can toss a handful of that in the hole and your roots will spread.

    Ima be using that in the future. I believe its a bacterium of sorts that forms a synergestic relation ship with the roots

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  17. Check your soil ph...just cause your water is ph balanced doesn't mean the soil is...soil could be and in my experience I'll bet your soil ph is in the mid to upper 7s unless you bought ph balanced soil? I agree with adding more perlite...I grow in a 50 percent soil 30 percent coco and 20 percent perlite with microryze added in and soil activator if using nutes.keep your temps down around the 75-80 range and relative humidity 45 ish or you'll have issues and almost guarantee spider mites or some sort of bug...should have a minimum 40-50watts per square far as rooting hormone I use general hydroponics rapid start at week 2 at a very diluted can use it along side the microryze...once you get soil growing down after a few goes I'd recommend dwc mess no over or under watering no transplanting or up potting so no transplant shock.less chance of bugs..clean the buckets out once a week and fresh nutes and keep the ppm regulated,water temps at 70ish and the ph in check and ya I'll never go back to soil...hope this helps

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  18. if i was you its rob gonna take a bit longer with that plant anyway i would carfully take the soil out the cup and break it away around its roots repot with some dry soil. i think its not making roots because of too wet soil. its dying. if your careful it 100% will bounce this stage its a tough weed that will survive. or if not wash the soil away.. have a jug of ph'd water ... dump the soil into it and massage the soil away. it will also show ypu just how wet your medium is wen you take it out the cup
  19. Thank you for the reply!! I’m pretty sure it bounced back a bunch! I’m gonna post the full collection, and then some things that I’m worried about, hoping the dead leaves are nothing to worry about!

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