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    hi bros
    i have homebox XL ( 4' X 4' ) 16 sqft with 600w HPS for flowering room.
    I am planning on growing 15 girls at the same time.

    Besides,i want to make seperate vegging room for not only vegging,but also for '' vegging moms ''.

    i will buy 6.86 sq ft (2,62' X 2,62 ') grow tent as vegging room.

    i can use 6 X 55w fluores.6 X 4550 = 27300K total lumens @ 6000K for vegging stage in vegging room.

    but i have some questions:

    1 ) are 15 plants good or too many for 16 sqft ( 4' X 4' ) tent under 600w HPS ?
    how many girls should i grow at the same time in that tent ?

    2) Can i vegg 15 girls in 6.86 sq ft (2,62' X 2,62 ') tent under 27000K fluores for first 30 days ?

    what do you think ?
  2. 1) you could grow 15 plants in that tent if you go with sog
    2)thats a tight space but you could fit them but if you were cloning and went with sog in the flowering room i dont think you would need to veg for 30 days and you shouldnt have a problem fitting everything good luck

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