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Discussion in 'General' started by psykadelic_mess, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. about a month and a half ago, i got a ticket for being drunk while underage and possesing less than a half ounce of marijuana. i had court august 26, and since i didnt have the money to pay the fines, i was agiven a continuance until sep. 23. now, i know i wont have the money until around october 20, because this is when my financial aid check comes in from college. what im wondering is if you guys think i would be able to take out a small loan from a bank for about a month so i can pay this off. ive tried seaching the web and i cant really find anything that answers my question. ive never taken out a loan before. i dont even have a bank account. im just a poor college student trying not to go to jail cause i cant afford the ticket.
  2. Get a lawyer. You need one in a bad way.
  3. but i cant afford a lawyer, and i dont really see what good he could do me...

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