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  1. Ive had this plant for a week now and ever since i transplanted to larger rockwool the thing has just gone wrong not to metntion having to feed it without a ppm or ph meter for the first 4 days but now all is good
    can someone tell me whats happening it appears its going yellow from new shoots and spreading out.
    Ec. 1.4 now dropped to .8
    7 day in veg
    ph 5.8
    feed 3X 1min 6 hours apart

    anyone know what this is from im sure its heat stress and nute burn but why the yellow?

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  2. The clone/plant is looking very healthy compared to before i will update pics for everyone to see.
    All i did was a flush of 5.8 water with no nutes and the run off was 7 so i kept goin till runoff was around 6.2 Then back onto cycle.
    People say its an Fe defeciency but i think personally its just a matter of me not having a correct ph which locks out wats needed in the plant.

    Also has anyone experienced black eggs small balls heaps of em in where the watering section is on top of rockwool.
    How do i treat this fungus?
  3. Here is an update of whats going on now.
    Growth seems to be coming back on one plant but the other is slowy changing to good so im happy as you can see the new shoots are green but down near the bottom im still experiencing crispy tips and curling up and down.
    Im changing my feeding to only twice a day for 1min as i think the time where i cannot check it, i think the ph is jumping up to 6.8 locking out Fe.
    Anyway heres some pics thnx guys

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  4. Things seem to be going okay will have some update pics soon.
    All the older bottom fan leaves are a reall dark green colour and the rest of the new regrowth is a lime green colour with a hint of dark.
    Is that good or bad?
    PPM is at about 800 now as im in week 3 veg. Plants seem to have stunted growth due to some black eggs lying on rockwool that are fungus gnats im to believe?
    DWC how long does it usually take for the feeder roots in rockwool large cube from clone in order to get first 2 or 3 nice white roots in the water?
    Should it have been this late?

    Realised my temps at night were getting way to low as the timer wasnt working and the times that it was off instead of nite time it was off while lights were on for 4 hours. Maybe this is wer all my problems have come from as i just realised this today.
    I never saw a max temp of the room and the times it most probably was off i was never around so who knows what 4 hours of 1 600 wat hid in a 2 X 2 m grow tent??????

    Temps usually around 23-26c in room and under light about 30
    Should i lower light?

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