Help flowering week 4!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Whatdoesminesay, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Is this a herm it looks like yellow bananas little ones tho... That's a zoomed pic of my solid 4 foot plant! What should I do remove it immeaditly? Help I just found them right now!

  2. yes sir, looks like nanners to me. do you have other plants or just the one? if you have other plants, check them closely. you may want to consider putting it under a different light, in a different area. i wouldn't trash it though, it has pot on it, lol....
  3. Yea I have 5 others in a tent 4.5. X 4.5 x7 should I take her out now harvest early?
    I don't have a place that I want pollen really in my room so... What's best you guys?
  4. Should I act immeadeatly?

  5. yes, if the others aren't affected, take that one out. if you have no other place for it, harvest it.
  6. I just removed it and my lights turned off so I shut the tent. So if I'm going to harvest it will be my first time should I keep it in a dark place or what's the drill from here
    Ps I'm heart broken about this plant as its been the short bush and never had any problems..
  7. Grobot check out my other thread of my grow! It's my first!

  8. just do a search for curing. you'll get all the info. you need to harvest.

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