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  1. Hey guys.
    Don't worry about it. I am not completely convinced what I said is totally right. If he is using chemical ferts (which Shultz usually is) just make sure you don't give too much. For a full strength watering give half of what the directions on the back say. Are you using the vegetable booster, or orchid/rhododendron booster or what? Some of their stuff is for acid loving plants which pot is not. Otherwise let us know how they look after that feeding.
  2. Schultz expert gardener bloom plus - Water soluble Plant food with Chelated Iron, Manganese & Zinc. Promotes Rapid Blooming of all flowering & Fruting Plants. 10-60-10. 1/4 tsp per gal. of water (house potted plants). I've been using about 1/6th a tsp in gallon of distilled water.

    Gonna go find higher nitrogen fert today and just waiting for light to turn on to see if that other fert helped last night.
  3. You wount be seeing anything, the yellowing leafs will continue to to yellow and die, the most that will happen is the newer leafs stay greener longer.

    Yellowing of the leafs is normal during final phases of flowering. Your in week 4 1/2 or so, doesnt mean its Early as Some are tending to believe in this thread, he could very well have a fast strain that only flowers for 6 -7 weeks, which makes this 110% normal not something you should be worrying yourself about, as they come yellow and drop down simply pull them off Adding N right now wount do anything for your buds.

    Although looking at your buds, which look to me like 1 week old buds (just starting out) are you sure your counting your weeks correctly? I do not start counting until my first budlet is on all the tops. Some strains take 10-12 days just to start flowering after putting it in 12/12 so you cant really count those 2 weeks as Flowering.

    If thats the case, which it looks like then yes Blaze is correct and you have some sort of Deficiency.
  4. IN addition, next time you buy the Schultz dont use the professional, use the regular Bloom Plus which is 15-52-20. I have tried both and the expert does not work as well
  5. Thanks so much dier alot of great input for me to use. Yeah tomarrow would be 5 weeks after turning 12/12. After 1 week and 4 days it showed its hairs. 4/8 was date of change over to 12/12 and about 4/19 or so was first hairs. so 2 days ago would have been 3rd week from first hairs.

    And will remember about the fert.
  6. yeah dude. dier has good advice. check out my grow and youll see his advice.... in action.

    dude helped me from beginning till:wave: now...... and as youll see ,the results are'' fantastic''

  7. Here is where you hit the nail on the head. He looks like he is in week 1 or 2 of flower. However, being that the leaves and long node length indicate this is a Sativa or Sativa Dominant (i.e. long flowering strain) this yellowing is premature and abnormal. If he wants to do nothing and just let it go that's his prerogative. Personally, I am a perfectionist and would do everything I could to combat this problem in this early stage.
  8. Have been battling the yellow leafs and no new yellow leafs yet. Buds are getting thicker and leafs are getting nice and white by the buds :)
  9. Now Mag defecency is setting in on upper leafs by buds. Little yellowish brown spots on a few leafs and curling upwards. Going to add espons salt today to my water. (stopped doing this a couple days ago and this set in.)

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