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  1. Ok my plant is into its flowering 4 weeks and 4 days and the leafs on the bottem dryed up after yellowing (was the small leaves). Now some of the fan leafs are starting to do same thing.. Any way to stop this or least prevent it from killing my plant or is it normal? Here are some pics.

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  2. Hi, It is usually normal for most strians to start turning yellow as they kick into full time flowering. You can prevent this by adding in a little bit more nitrogen. From your pics it is hard to say but you could also have a potassium def. What is your P.H. of the soil?
  3. im sorry to say but i believe he is wrong...your plants are fine the leafs are turning yellow because the buds are sucking out all of the energy from them, this is a good thing :D . it is okay to just pluck off these fan leaves no dont give ur plant any nitrogen nutes, only phosphurus i.e. 15-30-15 gl on finishing up your grow, hope this helps...

  4. Thanks dank just wanted to make sure was getting worried. Prob just me being paranoid and high :)

    And the ph of the soil is 6.7 at the moment. Also using distilled water with schultz professional bloom forumla.
  5. Wait a minute,
    It is completely normal to have a plant turn yellow from N deficiency towards the END of flower. Being that you are only in week 4 and clearly have a sativa or sativa dominant strain there, you are nowhere near the end of flowering (also evident by the sporadic bud growth). In that case it is a good idea to supplement the plant with a high in N fert to stop this premature N deficiency. So, a 30-15-30 fert NOW would be a good idea. Also, I would slip a bit of Epsom salt into the mix just to make sure because I also see that some of the veins are green which indicates the start of a magnesium deficiency. Also, can you please tell me the NPK of your blooming formula; I am having a hard time locating what it is. Also, how often do you feed it?
  6. VTEC knows more, sorry for the false info.
  7. That does not look like typical flowering yellowing as VTEC said. I would immediately get some high-N foliar feeding going on that (try not to get the buds wet). Good call on the Epsom Salt for some extra Mg too.
  8. I didnt see you say sorry to BlazinHigh coz he seemed to know what was he talking about.
    Man, you almost made a noob like me believe what you said, that's ok now coz i already know who's the man. :D
  9. Thanks oh-la-la for the props!:D It's cool to see different peoples opinions and expertise This is a kick ass site! Imagine with all these fellow stoners up in here and with all the knowledge if we put our heads together the sky's the limit?PEACE OUT!
  10. i wouldnt say he was entirely wrong, :cool:
  11. Schultz is 10-60-10, for the bloom formula. I will need to head out and get some that is enriched with nitrogen. 30-15-30 ? or so?
  12. Well right now all I have for ferts are 20-20-20 10-60-10 and 10-15-10 for tonight. Stores i get my ferts from are all closed right now :( so have to wait till tomarrow. Should i just use the 20-20-20 tonight and mix in some epsons?
  13. That's our only chance in our stand against the man.

    I can't believe you said that:D
  14. I can't believe you said that:D[/quote]

    Yeh I know it's an old saying, but shit I am getting old, Three kids will do that to you. Plus I don't get out that much anymore.:cry: I spend to much time in my garden.
  15. oh-la-la thanx for putting me on blast, i thought it was the normal yellow from flowering, i said sorry, here let me personalize it not for u but for blazin

    *clears throat* Blazin i would personaly like to apologize for saying your info was wrong and i am sorry that a noob like me tried to insult your higher knowledge in marijuana growing. please forgive me.

  16. there was not 1 thing wrong with your post,, as a plant flowers the nitrogen intake cycle is over,, thus the change in nutrient uptake,, causing all the nitrogen in the plant to be absorbed,,, thus causing the yellowing,,, its all good,,,

    dont dis. a post just because you do or dont comprehend what 1 fellow may be trying to say to you.... just average out what they all say,, and judge from there:smoke:
  17. Chickens right, It is all good, we are all just trying to help. We should not jugde anybodys adivce unless it is just really, bad and it could cause somebody to mess up. Growing good dope takes hard work and we all love and apperciate our babies, so we hate to see them die when people make simple mistakes. Trial & error STONERS! PEACE!:D
  18. ok now i dont feel like a total dick... sorry again, as i am only on my first grow i probably shouldn't have given advice, hope ur grow goes well and u get the pro fixed.

  19. Added 20-20-20 tonight due to only fert higher in nitrogen i had on hand. The store i get my fert from was closed :(. Tomarrow will go pick up the new fert. Also added some epson salt to the new water mix.

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