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help flower room temps 100

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OneDumbGirl, May 11, 2011.

  1. like post says temps are 100 i have a 250 cfm vent fan pulling air out and 2 little fans pulling air out to the top veging room and 2 littles fans pulling air in and 2 big fans blowing on the lights inside of the room but the temps are still high i can put my hands on the lights and they dont burn like before i got the big fans but its still high in temps is it ok to have 100 temps but have fans blowing or do i have to get it down to 85 ? then i would have to take cfls out of the closet the closet is 2x2 and 4 1/2 in hight
  2. Sometimes a plant can thrive in a room at 95 degrees Fahrenheit if it is well lit, very well ventilated and full of C02. However, the best temperature for plants is generally between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, so you're a little above that and yea I'd say make more ventilation you're gonna start a house fire with 100 degree temps.
  3. lol yeh i have 4 68 watt cfls and 4 23 watt cfls geuss i have to much lights for that small of a space >_<
  4. Buy a small portable a/c
  5. I'd wait to see what others say too before you perform any home repairs, I'm not the expert on growing. But 100 degrees seems pretty fucking hot, can't you just turn the fans on a higher speed or somethin?

    Yea, or buy a small A/C unit.
  6. how much watts would i need in a 2x2 closet ? im geussing im over doing it lol
  7. they are on high i just got the 2 fans today and the 4 68 watts yesterday before i had 10 23 watt cfls and it was hitting 95 i figured i had to many 23's and it was buildign up to much heat with the fans blowign the 68 watt cfls are only warm to the touch before the 23 watts were hot when i touched them
  8. Hmmm anyone?
  9. lol geussing not :p its fine think im going to have to replan how i build this damn closet >_< probobly cause i have the veg ontop of it who knows sigh :(
  10. 8 lights seems like alot for a 2x2 closet, i would check out the guides on the growing section of the forum. they're usually very helpful
  11. ok thnx sigh thought the more the better yield probobly wrong lol
  12. quality over quantity i would imagine. although ive never grown myself. i think ideal temp is preferred over actual amount of light. but again, the grow section of the forum will be super helpful with this stuff. most tokers there have alot of experience
  13. Don't buy stuff that's just going to up your electric bill even more like a portable A/C, that will destroy your bill to cool down that room haha. Just use less lights, I believe in the grow forum they have guidelines for how many HPS and whatnot you need for what space.
  14. Less lighting and cooler temps and better airflow will be more beneficial than cramming too many lights into a tight space like you have. Shoot for 150 real watts for one small 2x2 grow and you should be fine. If it was me I'd use all 4 of the 68 watts and call it good for your space....should be plenty of lumens for a nice head stash.

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