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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LIQUID21, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Hello well let me introduce myself as Liquid21 ^^

    I currently attend University and have been paying ridiculous prices for marijuna. Which in turn, convinced me to start growing my own. And so I have bought skunk #1 seeds feminized and ready to grow :D

    Now I know, that these questions must have been asked at least a hundred times but let me ask them again (any feedback is greatly appreciated)

    1- Is it better to do the germination in the paper towel in a container or just put the seed directly into the pot?

    2- What kind of equipment do I need I.E ( lights, pots, fertilizer, soil...) My budget is not small but not extravagant as well.

    3- How should I set up my room? I basicly have a small room in the basement and was thinking of putting a curtain as there is no door. Also I installed a fan and was thinking of wrapping the room with tinfoil to reflect the light.

    4- How much can I expect to have?

    I probably have a lot more questions but I am very tired to think of them atm, but will post as soon as I have a more accurate idea of what they are.

    To those reading the thread thank you and to those replying I love you :)
    Happy new year and when its all grown we'll have a nice juicy blunt on me ;)

  2. Your right, those questions HAVE been asked and answerd HUNDREDS of times. Not to be too rude but you go to a Univerity so you know how to research. Go to FAQ's and ALL those Q's are covered.
  3. Exactly, read up. We can't answer the same questions over and over all day long. That is why there are grow guides and other sticky posts at the top of each forum.

    Read up on those, check the links in my sig, others have helpful links in their sigs too. When you have a handle on the fundamentals you are welcome to ask more specific questions.
  4. Alright Im a newb and on my first grow but Ill help ya out a little. I went through all those questions you had so I know most of the answers.

    1. People have told me that putting them directly in the soil and the paper towel method both work. I did the paper towel method and they germinated in a day and a half. Just make sure they are some place warm. I put them above my stove with the light on so it was warm up there.

    2. For your lights go with hps or MH if you have the money. If not get CFL's. I would recommend getting nothing below the 105 watt cfl which equals 420 watts. I would use one of these for 2 plants. You will probably have to order it so call a local lighting store and they can do that if you dont want to get it offline. They are about 26 bucks unless you get a bigger one.
    For your soil dont get anything with ferts already in it. No time released shit. I did that and my plants got all messed up. I replanted them into some regular soil and now they are doing great. For fertilizers I dont know a whole lot on what to get yet. I just got the Miracle gro all purpose food and I heard it works but a lot of people like to use FoxFarm. If you have a Foxfarm dealer near you I would recommend using their stuff soil and all.

    3. Dont use tin foil to line your walls. Use mylar. OR there is an Emergency Blanket in the camping section of wal mart or scheels. Stuff seems to work alright.

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