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  1. This is my first time trying to grow and no clue what's going on with this little guy. I can't find a connect here in Columbus GA so I'm trying to grow for personal use. Buds is my medicine.

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  2. Don't sweat it man! Its called weed for a reason, its not very hard to grow. All you need to know is that you can't have a male plant, water everyday and check to make sure it isn't dying. Also it would help to just look up on google how to grow.
  3. I've done a shit ton of research on everything. You probably can't tell in the picture but it's turning brown at the top looks like it's starting to die already. I moved my light a few more inches away from it. Idk this was the only seed out of all of mine that actually germinated.
  4. I think you've killed that particular one. Once you have a seed germinate, the thing to do is to leave it alone. It will need no more water than it already has in the container...if you watered it in when you planted it, UNTIL it has formed it's root system and had a chance to use up at least 80% of the water in the container/cup. Watering a tiny little seedling every day will only rot the roots. You did right by starting it in the Solo cups, but you have to have a soil that is light and arid with very good drainage....usually will contain at least 40% perlite. Heavy dense soil acts as a sponge and will hold water and rot the roots of your little plant. Either buy some real formulated grow soil or mix some good organic mix with about 40% perlite. Beware if mixing perlite with box store soil, that all that bagged stuff out of Home Depot, etc., is loaded with slow release fertilizers (even if it says organic on the bag) and sometimes the soil itself will burn a young plant slightly. But if you're patient, water properly and leave the plant alone under sufficient lighting, it will come on out and do just fine. When one germinates, the first thing it does is form a root system. While it's doing this, it's going to seem like the thing just quit growing at all as far as the part you see...the foliage. Everything is fine and the plant needs no special attention. Once it's root system is formed to it's satisfaction, you will start to see the foliage grow more vigorously. Once this happens, the plant will start using more water than it has to that point. But you never water the plant until it feels like it is bone it felt when you loaded fresh dry soil into the container for the first time. It needs to dry out all the way down to the bottom of the container before you water again...with properly pH'd water (6.3 to 6.7 for soil grows). If your water pH is out of range and you continually water with it that way, the roots of your plant will lock up and it can't take in nutrition. But basically during the veg cycle, if you've got them in the right soil, under the right light, understand how to water properly and not drown your plant and give only properly pH'd water to the plant, it should be just fine on it's own. They're weeds and truly don't take a lot of attention if you have their environment dialed in. Start them in Solo cups and leave them in those until the plant is larger than the container. Then repot up one size into fresh soil...which will feed your plants on it's own again without the aid of more chemicals, and continue this process until you get the plant in the size container you plan to flower it off in. We go from Solo cups to #4 or #5 pots in about 6 weeks. Confining the root space lessens the time needed for the plant to "root in," and gets it's energy back to growing foliage instead of forming roots. Repotting them often gives them fresh soil and fresh food and keeps you from having to give too many chemicals.

    Get on the new grower threads here and read. Every new grower needs to know the basics of the growing process for indoor gardening. It's not like growing a veggie garden outside or maintaining the average potted plant, but it's not difficult to do if you take the time to learn these basics. Good luck! Hope everything turns out great. TWW

  5. Thank you ! I figured out why it's doing that finally. The root grew right out of the soil for some reason. I didn't want to dig it up because I didn't want to stress it but I got tired of trying to guess so I looked. I flipped it over and recovered it with soil. Im trying to see if I can get it to grow still if not I'll just get rid of it. I just finished germinating my only other seed and hopefully I can get this one to grow good.

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