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  1. I am a first time DWC grower my three Power skunks show of burnt tips not sure what this could be I have been lite on the nutes 1/4 strength only has had two feedings. They are 20 Days old today. They are under two t'5s and four 26 watt CFL one 3000k others 6500k. The are usually in the the low 80's humidity low 40's, Im gonna post some pics if anyone acan help please.IM using GH Flora Nova line of products.

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  2. its nute burn. temp in the low 80's is just a touch too high humidity at 40 is about 20% too low combine those too and your young plants cant even handle 1/4 strength yet flush for a week and then start 1/4 nutes. Just my suggestion. Hope this helps mate.
  3. If your room temp is high, how is the water temp? Warm water carries less oxygen, encourages root rot etc.

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