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Help first time grower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jay bone, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Will somebody please explain what a ballast does and how to hook them up? I have a 400w and 600w any and all help appreciated
  2. The ballast powers up your light bulbs,the hood or light socket cord plugs into the ballast..then the ballast plugs into the wall (you know this j/k) about a pic of your setup.
  3. Thanks for the reply that's kinda what I thought but the cords are diff. I suppose I just rewire them cause a seperate plug that actually fits the ballast was sent with it. Thanks again ill get some pics to you soon as I can cause I'm sure ill need little more advice
  4. Hold the wall plug 240v or 110v or are you talking about the hood cord?
  5. You have to have 240v outlet to run a 240v ballast,it will be hazardous if you switch to a 110v cord.If its the hood to ballast cord they make an adapter that costs like $6...again a pic will help us.
  6. I have regular 110v in my house I was talking bout the plug coming out of the hood . I can't send pics til 2marrow but I will soon as I can thanks
  7. wait until you get some photos up for us to see. don't just plug things in to other things without knowing if they are compatible, especially if they have different plugs to start with

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