HELP! First time grower growing a random seed! What should I expect?

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    I am a first time grower looking for some help; my friend gave me about 10 seeds not too long ago and I of course tried to sprout them all, and after trying all of them and removing the males I have only one pretty girl left. The problem is that I've never grown before and I have no clue when I need to move her to the flowering stage. I was also hoping someone could give me their two cents on if they think the plant is more indica or sativa. I will attach some pictures I just took and list some relevant information; as of right now she is about 35 days old, has been transplanted one time, is being grown in soil, and is on a timed watering and light schedule. Currently I have her in the same tent as two autoflowering seeds which are on a 21/3 light cycle. When I decide to start her flowering I was thinking of putting her in the tent alone, giving her 36 hours of darkness straight and then moving into the 12/12 cycle. I have two lights in the tent for the three plants right now; a 300W LED viparspectra panel and a 450 watt panel of the same brand. I really hope to get some awesome looking and smelling nugs off my first grow, but I am feeling a little lost right now haha!

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  2. We can't cannot see the pictures you tried to include, it will help with your questions so we can give more detailed answers based on what we see
  3. I discovered that and commented them after, sorry
  4. She looks nice man id veg her out another week or 2 try train here to be abit more spread an maybe do some defoliaton before flipping, you seem to have what looks like a Phosphorous deficiency but its hard to tell under the LED light
  5. I added some MicroBloom to the water supply and rebalanced the pH, is there anything else I should do to fix it? I am also going to watch some videos on pruning and ways to spread my plant out in the next few days and give it a try. Here is an image of the plant with the LED above it turned off, the led above the two seedlings in the back is still on.

  6. Not much you can do now apart from wait mate, id say do the pruning an get better light penetration overall but be gentle! You don't want to snap any stems by bending then over slightly.
  7. Here is what she looks like now!! and the trimmings I took from her: Got her first of four waterings today so I hope she like the phosphorus!

  8. Just use a small amount extra don't go overboard an see what happens, she looks alot more ready to be flipped now an will have much better light penetration when you do
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  9. I think I'm gonna veg her out for about two more weeks and then flip her; I will be sure to post a couple pictures of what her flowers look like. Again, I have zero clue what strain this is so I am hoping the flowers will give me some sort of idea. I am growing her out for a few more weeks because she is in a very narrow pot and I want her to have some good sturdy colas.
  10. Best of luck to you bro an remember don't go overboard, I look forward to seeing the update!
  11. @StonedPingu Please help!!

    My two little seedlings that could be seen in the back of the other photos are having some problems. I couldn't get the best photo of them but I attached it. These are critical purple fem auto seeds that I just sprouted into 3 gallon containers of organic potting soil, they are about three weeks old but for the past week or so they have not been growing. I have just been giving them water with some CALiMAGic in it. The last two or so days I had noticed the one on the bottom is having its bottom leaves starting to turn very yellow, and the leaves at the top are curling inwards a lot almost to like a tube shape. The seedling on the top has very weird and misshapen leaves that also exhibit curling but not as much. This seedlings leaves are also hanging so low that the bottom set is touching the dirt. Today I gave their water supply some MicroGrow and MicroBloom because I thought it looked like a nitrogen deficiency, but I really think they could use another opinion. Please help!
  12. The picture is not of the best quality, but from what I can an what your describing I would agree its N deficiency due to it being still in veg an requiring more.

    As you're growing in soil we have differant mediums as I grow in coco perlite as it's a blank canvas an gives you complete control! Maybe give it a try on your next grow

    I also use the Lucas formula as a baseline for mixing my nutrients which only use's calmag, micro an bloom

    This is one of mine day 13 currently on 2ml of calmag/micro an 4ml of bloom per gallon of water
  13. Hey, it has been a while but as of today my plant is on her first day of 12/12. Just took her out of about 30 hours of darkness to start the flowering process. One of the autoflowering seedlings didnt make it as I left town for about 5 days, but the other seems to have recovered. I will post pictures of my big girl in the flowering tent perhaps next week once those female organs have gotten big enough to take a good picture!
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  14. Almost a week into flowering now and I decided to supercrop the lady down when I put her in the flowering tent by herself. She is responding really well to it! The branches at the very top four colas are starting to pop up not in pairs and I have read that that is a sign that the plant is maturing. Since starting her flowering she has grown a ton which makes me happy that I decided to super crop her right at the beginning of this. I will post some photos of her before. The buds are just starting to form all over the plant, but much larger at the top. Any tips on changing her feeding schedule or nutrients for this time of her life cycle? I currently feed her 500 mL of liquid every morning and she seems to like this amount, but I have read that once the flowering stretch slows down that she will need less water and nitrogen. How much less water should I be giving her after about a week or two more of this phase? Since I cropped a lot of the colas down I am assuming I will have to tie the buds to the top of the tent as the fatten up. All in all I am very excited for these last weeks of growing my first girl. I have another autoflowering plant I keep under a led panel 24 hrs a day but she is much much smaller and not as sightly.

  15. I am pretty sure my plant turned out to be a guy :/ here are some pictures, I would love some confirmation of this before I end him

    These are two of the top most colas, covered with what I think are male reproductive organs, not a pistil in sight. Please let me know if you can confirm that this is indeed a male plant
  16. That is indeed a male plant sir from my eyes maybe hermaphrodite but its not a female that's for sure
  17. thank you for confirming that for me, I have chopped him down and gotten rid of him, it makes me so sad that that plant took a full two months to show its sex.
    The only saving grace is that I had another, for sure female, plant growing just a few week behind my first.
    Here is an image of her now
    She is supposed to be a critical purple auto, I just saw the first two or three sets of pistils today, so hopefully flowering soon!
  18. You've done the right thing getting rid of it so it doesn't pollinate you're female, wouldn't want it to spoil her by wasting energy in seeds.

    Indeed it is very sad that you have wasted you're time i'd suggest using feminised seeds from a trusted breeder in the future if you have not already.

    For autos try Mephisto an for an all-round website I used Seedsman who have wide range of strains available from a variety of breeders.
  19. So I thought my autoflowering plant was growing really well especially since I transplanted it into a 5 gallon bucket, and today I noticed a preflower down the main stem that looked suspiciously male, as it had no pistils protruding from it. Being paranoid from my last hermie looking plant I decided to pluck it as it was relatively small. I am worried now that I stressed the plant because its now much later in the day and I noticed the whole plant started drooping. Worried the tops roots weren't getting enough air I poked some holes in the the top portion of the soil after giving it a little extra water for the day, and while i was doing that I noticed another suspicious looking pre flower on a lower cola. Please help me identify if this plant is turning into a hermaphrodite. I will attach a picture of the pistils on the main cola and the hermie looking part I saw while working on the roots. Please help, this is an autoflowering fem seed i bought from a seedbank online. Could my stressing it made it a hermie?


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