HELP!! first time grower, desperate need of some advice

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  1. Okay, so first time growing ever. I'm about 12 days in right now, I'll post some pictures as well. I'm growing in my closet, its pretty okay in space, not a walk in or anything but it goes up pretty high and has got some good width. I'm just going to post some questions below so I can get the best and simple answers instead of having to scroll thru every where looking for answers.

    1) How is my plant looking so far? Does it look like a normal one? Etc..
    2) Whats the best and cheapest lights I can get? Not like those long lights, the smaller ones.
    3)I feel like my plant is growing slower than others but I can't tell... ?
    4) Whats the cheapest and easiest fertilizer to get? I bought Scotts 'all purpose flower & vegatable ', I don't know if thats okay or what?
    5) How long should this growing process take with the info I gave you?
    6) I've got like 2 sheets covering the cracks off my closet and a couple of air fresheners to keep the smell down, my room usually smells a hint like weed anyway, so you think that would work? I'd plan on leaving the lights on thru the night and leave them off during the day so there is no suspicion and I won't open it up so I don't disturb the princess in her slumber lol
    7) How long 'til I see those hair like things appear to tell if its male or female? I'm dying to know.... and is there really any reason to continue growing a male plant ? Like seed wise or anything?
    8) Do I need to change the soil out at all? I plant my seed in the soil from the beginning.. I didn't do the whole paper towel thing or start it in anything smaller, straight from soil. I've got a tub under it and the water drains out..
    9) When should I start fertilizing my plant?
    10) Sometime the plant leans... is that okay? I'll put more soil around it to keep it steady but it just kinda scares me because one time it like fell over, I put it right back up and its been growing so I don't think I did any damage...
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    kay, I think thats all I got right now... Please help meee! haha
  2. Hey buddy! I'm 12 days into my first grow too! That's pretty crazy hahaha but fortunately i've already had these same questions answered!

    0) I can't see any of the pictures, try again haha
    1) ^
    2) I got these off of amazon, GE 89095 Energy Smart 26-Watt Daylight Spiral Compact Fluorescent Bulb: Home Improvement they are 6500k lights which are great for vegging. I would then suggest using 2700k lights for flowering or the 12/12 stage (same thing basically)
    2b) the 2700k are more household bulbs, try the cfls because they are normally easier on the electricity bill and last longer
    3) It's probably the conditions, pictures are greatly appreciated to help. I'll attach one of mine for comparison.
    4) I use vegetable and tomato mix, they are high in phosphate and nitrogren which is great for the plant
    5) It depends on how long you want it to. I'm starting 12/12 on saturday, 2 weeks after planting, because i have a small amount of space to work with, but you can go longer if you want.
    6) You want a carbon filter and a relatively air tight room plus fans. When it's flowering, it will STINK like a motherfucker. More than weed. Or you could buy ona gel, but that's something i'm not familiar with.
    7) I believe it's once you start flowering or soon enough in vegging (about 3 weeks?)
    8) No, use the same soil if it's good on space.
    9) I personally fertilize it once a week, then water the babe.
    10) It leans to reach for the light, it IS its main source of food y'know. I wouldn't try to handle the plant so much because that could hurt it more than help it.

    Here's my two babes as of 1/31/13
  3. well the pics didn't post so here you go...



    my whole grow box

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