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  1. Hey I need some help,

    First time grow from unknown seed strain.
    Germinated in water for a day and then in a paper towel.
    Transferred to dirt from outside in a small pot not store bought dirt.They were growing there until second real leaves started to show.
    Once both sprouted transplanted into two 16 ounce styrofoam coffee cups.
    Using LED and Fluorescent lights. 
    Having an issue with fungus gnats.
    Also there has been an issue with white ish grey mildew/mold on both that you can see on the soil of the healthier plant.
    ^(The mold has not been as much of an issue now that I have a fan blowing through the enclosure and since I have been letting the soil all dry out)
    One of my plants is doing really well but the other looks all wilted and yellowing with brown spots (pictures below)
    I haven't been watering the last 4 or 5 days and the soil is pretty dried out at the top. I watered with diluted peroxide solution last time I watered and am planning on doing so in a day or so when I also am planning on transplanting to larger pots. 
    As far as nutes go its miracle grow soil I believe and I also put a miracle grow nutrient spike in each. I have more miracle grow tomato food that i can use I just am waiting until the transplant to introduce any and I was going to use peroxide too with the next watering/ after the transplant.

    Can I get some advice on how I should best do the transplant for both, do i wet the soil first? what size pots to use? do I put nutrients in the new soil? Also, how to handle the sick plant, the fungus gnats, mold, and even the plant that is doing well for that matter (First time growing and really have no idea what i am doing).

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