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  1. Hey I need some help,

    First time grow from unknown seed strain.
    Germinated in water for a day and then in a paper towel.
    Transferred to dirt from outside in a small pot not store bought dirt.They were growing there until second real leaves started to show.
    Once both sprouted transplanted into two 16 ounce styrofoam coffee cups.
    Using LED and Fluorescent lights. 
    Having an issue with fungus gnats.
    Also there has been an issue with white ish grey mildew/mold on both that you can see on the soil of the healthier plant.
    ^(The mold has not been as much of an issue now that I have a fan blowing through the enclosure and since I have been letting the soil all dry out)
    One of my plants is doing really well but the other looks all wilted and yellowing with brown spots (pictures below)
    I haven't been watering the last 4 or 5 days and the soil is pretty dried out at the top. I watered with diluted peroxide solution last time I watered and am planning on doing so in a day or so when I also am planning on transplanting to larger pots. 
    As far as nutes go its miracle grow soil I believe and I also put a miracle grow nutrient spike in each. I have more miracle grow tomato food that i can use I just am waiting until the transplant to introduce any and I was going to use peroxide too with the next watering/ after the transplant.

    Can I get some advice on how I should best do the transplant for both, do i wet the soil first? what size pots to use? do I put nutrients in the new soil? Also, how to handle the sick plant, the fungus gnats, mold, and even the plant that is doing well for that matter (First time growing and really have no idea what i am doing).

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    Never had problems with mold or mildew, in my personal opinion at that young I would toss them, create a clean sterile environment with adequate air flow, correct temps and humidity. Good clean soil might help also, you might have brought dormant mold in from outside and gave it the perfect conditions to grow in. I would assume if you have mold this early, you're really going to have a problem during flower. This is just my opinion, wait for someone who has dealt with mold for a better view on it. Starting right plays a large roll in final outcome
  3. Thanks brixfix,
    The mold/ mildew isnt really an issue right now just thought i'd include it to document the entirety of the grow attempt. I more concerned with advice on the wilted plant and transplanting ect. Im really trying to make these plants work but im not investing until I can tell the sex of the plants, Im not even sure that they are female yet. Fingers crossed that the stronger one is a girl though.
  4. Mold/mildew is always a big deal, you don't want to be ingesting that shit. If you don't do something fast it will get worse. People get sick from mold and mildew, extremely dangerous Cut your loses, wait til you have the right conditions and equipment. It will spread from the soil to the plant. Prevention is the best solution but your beyond that point
  5. Too much transplanting will stress the hell out of your plant. Also, please read up on mold/mildew, its for your own safety.
  6. The clawed leaves could possibly be nitrogen toxicity, but you have bigger issues with the mold/mildew
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    Take the nutrient spike out if you insist on growing it. miracle grow soil alone isn't ideal for cannabis , let alone making it worse with those spikes. I would still consider starting over especially since its just bag seed. Between the miracle grow soil and the additional nutrient spike no wonder there's nute burn on the leaves
  8. Mold is always an issue dude. If you can't control it when your girls are young, how do you expect to do when they dense up? You'll lose your entire harvest, but after you've put a few extra months time and effort in on it.

    Your plants look very unhealthy. Always invest in them, even if you don't know if they're male or female. You don't want a mistreated lady to stress out and Hermie because of how you treated her. IMO, that's worse than getting a male plant.
  9. This thread makes me very sad, as does your attitude towards growing. Do it right or don't do it at all.

    Haven't you heard of risk/reward ratios dude?
  10. I was only trying to say that i sort of fell into the plants, and didnt know what I was doing so the mildew became an issue. But now its under control because i got a fan and new lights and fixed it up better. I was just seeing if there was anything else I could do from this point to help save them. 
  11. Let the soil dry out. Its easier to transplant when its dry. Then pop em into a pot with better draining soil (add some perlite)
  12. To the OP;
    Lots of things I see wrong; yard dirt is 98% of the time a bad idea. How do you know what the soil has been treated/sprayed with in the past? The mold is always a BIG deal, I don't care how young your plants are. 
    I'm an organic grower so I would never use a diluted peroxide solution. Tell me again how that helps.
    Try reading and researching a lot of info. GC is like a growing school. You will learn and then learn some more.
  13. Ended up flushing the sick one and then using the peroxide solution while watering both. Transplanting the healthy one into a bigger pot with better soil and drainage later tonight. Wish me luck. Hopefully flushing helps the sick on but im pretty sure im going to end up dumping it.
  14. Yeah dirt from outside is exactly that, dirt; broken up rocks, dust, salts, pollutants and everything you don't want in a growing medium. You need some actual soil made with some organic matter.
  15.  Transplant went great and the healthier plant immediately perked up and is looking very nice. The sick one still looks rough though and Im not sure what else I could do to help it. I did test out some home remedy spray for the sick plant hoping to kill any gnat larvae that may have been eating the root system. Either the sick plant looks better and I apply it to the rest of my soil or it dies and I throw it out along with the spray.

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