Help! First time grow and plants may be too big.

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  1. Hey guys and gals,
    Its my first time growing and I started 2 clones outdoors (GG #4 and Nuken). Due to light pollution from the roommate using the patio, I just moved my babies into a shed to start flowering. I didn't account for the stretch, and I am starting to get worried. I have space for them to double in height, but that will be tight. The shed is 5' 10" and 4'x4'. Two questions:
    1. How much do these strains typically stretch during flower?
    2. Is there a way to manage the stretch? I was thinking possibly tossing a SCROG in there, but not sure if that is wise.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. How tall are they now? The gg4 I know is a stretcher. I've seen them double in height personally.. best thing is to make sure they have enough light, weak light will make it easier for them to get lanky. Them growing too tall can be combated by LST or super cropping if need be.
  3. Pics and I would be snapping necks before the stems harden! Train them with cord or heavy fishing line

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  4. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys, the grow shed was in its dark period so I coudn't measure/snap pics.

    I just measured and they are 21" tall, and their bags add another 12".
    The grow room is 70" inches at its tallest point, but the light is hung from the middle measuring 64.5". I lose 13" from the light fixture (a 430w hps).

    I attached pics below. Does that mean its ok to keep training during first 3 weeks of flower?

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  5. Sweet shed set up man, and beautiful ladies 100 tops a piece what is going on? Haha
  6. Lol, thanks man. Is that a good thing? Its my first grow and I just assumed thats what all outdoor veg looked like.
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  7. Just train the plants to be short and wide. Pretty simple just look up some videos of it.

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  8. Looks real good you will have a plentiful yeild
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  9. Yup. Train the shite out of them, depending on how fast the buds fill in. I'd say you can train all the way through the fourth week. Giver some defol and open her up, get that air flowing so there's no chance for rot, you're doing excellent work btw.
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  10. Awesome. Looks like training it is. Ill grab some chicken wire and start tying her down. Thanks for all the feedback and help guys!!
  11. One last question...hopefully...but at what point do I defoliate/what is the latest into flower I can defoliate? I'll do some research, but my understanding is that when I do defoliate I lollipop everything under the screen, and selectively take fan leaves around the bud sites. Correct?
  12. You don't necessarily have to lollipop, me personally I don't. People do so to get the energy to top buds getting most of the light. Now when it comes to defol, I'm a maniac. I've noticed when vegging, that defol kinda works like lollipoping, even though the fan leaves are the solar panels of the plant, it still cost energy to make energy .So when I pull the big fan leaves the small ones just get boosted to high hell and are as big the ones I pulled within days. You have some bushes there, and Id hate to see you lose so much lollipoping. With some good training and heavy defol, your HPS should power a hell of a yield. If you decide to defol, just start with the biggest fans that shade Alot of the bottom. Do some now and then some in a few days. And don't be surprised or worried if you get like 40 leaves at your feet and wonder if you did too much, you didnt. Keep us updated .
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  13. Awesome! Just did a major defoliation and put up a temp scrog. Going to attach the scrog properly tonight and will update with pics as I go.

    So stoked I found this forum. You guys are life savers.
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  14. Fast work my friend! Vigilance is a virtue. Can't wait to see the new pics. Glad to have you at GC!
  15. Alright, so I've got my SCROG up and did a pretty heavy defol. It was still looking pretty bushy this morning so I took some more leaves. I actually lost count of how many fan leaves i took, but it still seems to be stretching.
    Have a chill day all.

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  16. So GG and the Duke are taking to the screen nicely.

    We've been having a little bit of a cold spell and I'm not sure about the insulation of the shed. The light keeps the shed warm during the day, but overnight it drops down to like 9 degrees Celsius outside. As im not sure about the insulation factor of the shed, probably pretty low, would it be crazy to toss a space-heater in there? These ladies were raised outside, so they're used to the temp variation.
  17. Hey guys and gals,
    Know its been a while, but the crop is doing well. I had to move my ladies into the garage for some better air flow. They are sitting around week 4/5 of flower. I gave them a intense defoliation at week 4 to try and get better light penetration; however, the fan leaves have grown back and the light is not reaching as deep as I would like. Is it too late to do another heavy defoliation? Better light exposure should mean better yields, correct?

    Any feedback would be helpful.

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