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Help, First Time Getting Hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BurnAFewDown, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Ok so my connect only had hash and it's my bros bday so I had to find something so I took the hash, I got it for 20 a gram and I trusted him and gave me the biggest amount he had (had 3 small small baggies of a gram in each but some looked like more so he let me choose).

    Anyway I figured there wasn't any real special/different way of smoking it but am still a bit confused. I've been told by many ppl that hash can last you quite a while but it's so small (still a gram though)

    Can someone please tell me a rough guess on how much I should smoke so it would be equal to about a normal bowl of weed. I feel like it would fall right through the hole in the pipe (not that it's big or anything). I'm just a bit confused as it's my first time getting it.

    I know the pic isn't great, but it's just to give an idea for the size amount.

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  2. Just smoke it like bud. Sometimes it's better to Let it dry for a few days because hash has a lot more moisture in it. Also, that looks like it's under a gram, is it packed tight?
  3. Your gonna need a metal screen if you smoke it raw, or a bell. Just put it on top of some flower. I had a gram of my hash last me quite some time, some of these hashes are 3x potent than flower or more. Break off a small piece, smash it inbetween your fingers to flatten it out then put it on top of your bowl
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    It doesn't seem to wet and yeah it seems to be packed pretty hard
  5. I believe that you should only use a small amount over the weed not 100% sure though
  6. Depending on what kind of hash it is, it could end up melting and dripping into the bowl or whatever when you put the lighter to it. I'd say try your best to find like a gram of bud to smoke it with, or use like a metal screen or throw a crumbles up rolling paper in the bowl below the hash to keep it from dripping in. You should be good though.
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    It's my bros birthday and I want to smoke tonight but have no weed :/ this was all I could find
  8. I had the same problem with it falling through the hole but you can usually fix that by just putting a little weed underneath it and don't inhale too hard or quickly so it wont get sucked up.
    Or you can go to a headshop and get a screen for your bowl or a bead (screen is better for hash I found, the bead is better with weed)

    It usually takes me about half the size of my pinky nail but I prefer to put it ontop of a little bud or mix it in with my bowl if I'm going big...

    So go buy a screen (they are pretty cheap) and just try different sizes. If your tolerance is low it probably won't take a whole lot to do you in.
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    Oh thanks for the idea! I don't have a screen and thats why I was worried about, I'll try that, thanks!
  10. best thing I ever did with hash was roll some with tobacco in a spliff type situation
  11. You could hot knife a few dots if you needed to.
  12. Use the hot knife method.
  13. put a rock in ur bowl and use that as a screen
  14. I vote hot knife it, as well
  15. Hotknife your hash. Trust me, if you don't, you'll be wasting it.
  16. I like the cup method.
  17. Wat the hell is hot knife?
  18. try papeclip/cup/bendable straws.

    let the paperclip stand with some hash on top.

    burn it.. blow it out (make sure it has the cherry).

    cover the whole thing with the cup.

    the cup will fill with smoke..

    once youre ready.. lift the cup and insert straw then take a hit.

    close right after.

    repeat process.

    cover with cup.
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    Yeah this is the one. The smoke looks awesome. Make sure to use a clear cup so you can see it.
  20. So I looked up hotknifing, and it seems like it wastes alota smoke just for one hit

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