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Help! First time doing hydroponics, sudden cloudy water, is this okay?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by d4rks1gm, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. I am using GH Flora Series, and doing kratky method. Recently changed my basil to those nutrients, and everything was fine for ~36 hours, but now it's cloudy and weird scum like formation on top of the water. Plant still looks healthy.

    This also happened to another plant, but that one was in an opaque container.

    I do not grow mary, but I figured people here would be able to help me out xD

    Here are some hi res pics:

    New folder - Google Drive
  2. Can't access the drive, but do you have a air stone in there to oxygenate and churn the water?

    I'm a RDWC Mary grower and find the cloudy water is do to ph most times being out of limit for the nutes to stay afloat most often it fixes itself.bwith the odd time depositing salts as silt at the bottom of the res. I find using an enzyme helps eliminate the silt as it will break it down along with any other dead organic material.

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