HELP first dirt grow sick girl

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  1. This is my first grow using dirt and I'm already hitting snags..don't know what it is she is 3 weeks old and very small but she is yellowing and looks like something is burning her up..

    Strain is NL ? X Blueberry
    Soil is ffof feeding gh grow floranova

    Here is a pic

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  2. Flush your plant and quit feeding. Ocean forest is packed with nutrients. I'm running some plants in Ocean Forest and I've only used nutrients once or twice and I'm halfway through flowering.

    Stop feeding, and don't start feeding until your plant asks for it.

    Oh yeah, I'm growing that strain. It's called Northern Lights :p
  3. Flushed the nl.. my la diva and blackberry kush are doing good but nl got worse..why does soil have to be so hard lol after this grow I'm going back to hydro lol
  4. I'm thinking this strain is finicky which is why its giving me shit straight out of the gate and Im not sure if ffof runs pretty hot. Or not
  5. Okay have a pic now someone help I flushed and then fed 1/4 tiger bloom and 1/4 calmag

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  6. You have to be kidding.... stop feeding it. It has enough nutes
  7. Glad you can read posts but she has a deficiency..

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