Help! finding vape ASAP for chronic pain

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by melonpizza, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. hello!

    so I have severe m.e/cfs and rely on my vape to sleep and to not be in pain. last night my beloved arizer solo stopped working (had it for 3 years, battery is goin haywire now) so I'm in urgent need of a new one!

    the m.e means reading/research is very hard, so I would very much appreciate if anyone could help with advice

    it's just for home use, so it doesn't need to be portable. anything that will be as good as my now dying solo

    thank u so much!
  2. Dude the SOLO2 is out now! I recommend looking into it.
    I'll be purchasing one around Xmas time.
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  3. Being that you really liked your Solo, why not stick with it? Was there something about it that you didn't like?

    Ya know that old adage.............don't try to fix something that's not broken.
  4. Two suggestions. Use whichever fits best:

    1. Solo 2 can be had for about $200 if you know where to look.

    2. If money is an issue (like many of us) you could go to and find Solo Vapes, brand new with no charger or stems. Just the Solo itself for IIRC $89 Canadian which worked out to be about $70 US dollars.
  5. Know something similar for European Germans?

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