Help finding this kind of water pump

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  1. Sup all
    In some YouTube video i see some kind of water pump that i really like,
    I searched in Ebay and can't find something like that.
    I want this pump for 2 main goal:
    1. To watered the plants from the bucket to the pot directly.
    2. To suck the drain that comes out of the pots without lifting the pot or moving it.

    *All the pump that i find the all pump need to be inside the water and its not good for me, i need 1 side that take the water or the drain and the other side pull this out.

    Someone can give me a hand here?

  2. I believe that's a similar one... I seen them before on ebay... I had one for my aquarium.

    Micro submersible water fountain pump, hope that helps.

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  3. You want a submersible pump with inline ability. EcoPlus Eco 396 Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pump 396 GPH . I’ve used this pump for what your trying to do, make sure the resivor/saucer is above the pump so the pump can prime.

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  4. I can be used outside the water?
    This one need to be inside the water? Or i can use it outside only with small pip's
  5. It's submersible so only inside the water.

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  6. So its it good for me.
  7. You need two seperate pumps. If you get an in line pump then the water that is sucked out of the trays will simply be pumped back out in to the pots at the same time. This is fine if you are running a rdwc. However, if you are actually wanting to drain the trays then you will need one pump for a water out line and one pump for water in so that they can operate independently.
  8. I really can't find anything :(

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