Help finding Ten second timer?

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  1. Is there a device I can get that will turn a device on for ten seconds then turn it off and not turn it on again unless powered off for at least 30 seconds? The device is 110v ac but I can use a 12v dc alternative. (Water pump) I have a setup thats totally automated I want to use but I don't want anything ovwrwatered.
  2. maybe some sort of digital timer?? I grow with soil and I don't really use timers too much....maybe someone who grows hydro or a more experienced grower has some knowledge to shed for ya
  3. Well to avoid "neighborly problems" I'm trying to devise a way to remotely water them. I have a way to check the moisture remotely, but really I tried dealing with remote stuff and sometimes it just decides not to respond. Which is super problematic if I only want it on for 10 seconds and it doesn't respond for like 10 minutes. Im sure you see where I'm going with this. I'm not sure if any cycle timers would just
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    Start/resume the cycle and water the plants. Like if I set 10 sec on and 12 hours off, and then connect everything and run it then turn it off after the 10 seconds by "unplugging"from the beginning of the cycle or
    does it resume from just after I turned it off like 12 seconds in and stay in the off position for another like 12 hours? Because I can use a hub to set it to automatically turn off every half hour on the minute and then just not water those two minutes of every hour to avoid confusion or issues if it's the first type of thing.
  4. I currently use this on my grow. May be what you are looking for

    Currant Bluetooth Smart Outlet with Energy Monitoring

    I’m planning on getting something similar to this as well. Thought they could be a good duo together.

    Temperature Humidity Monitor, Govee WiFi Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer, Wireless Temp Humidity Sensor Smart Humidity Guage with Alerts for Home House Garage Wine Cellar and Cigar Humidor

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