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  1. I've been jamming for about 5 years now, but have never taken lessons. Everything I know I've taught myself. I know enough to be able to play songs, with others, without fucking up too much.

    The only thing is that I don't know shit about notes. I know a bunch of chords (D, Am, E, Em, G, F, Fm, A, etc....), and barr chords, harmonics, travis picking (to an extent)....

    All the songs I know I've either learned by hearing the music and playing by heart, or using tabs. I learned a bunch of easy songs that way.... Santeria, Dust in the Wind,m Simple Man, Everlong, Sitting/Waiting/Wishing, Interstate Love Song, Knock 3 Times, Wish You Were Here, Guess I'm Doin Fine (Beck), Nutshell (AIC)... songs of that skill level. Hardest thing I learned (for me) was Stairway to Heaven.

    There is a song by the band Zero (jam band on the festi circuit... Dead members) called Chance in a Million.

    The album is called Chance in a Million too. Lyrics by Robert Hunter, music by Greg Anton and Steve Kimock.

    I can't find a tablature for this song anywhere. It sounds so easy to play, but my previously mentioned lack of guitar skills prevents me from figuring stuff like this out. The only songs I figured out on my own were Something in the Way by Nirvana, Heaven Beside You by Alice in Chains, and Whiskey Jay by the Doors (easy shit).

    If someone could find the tab, or be gracious enough to tab it out for me, that would be too cool for school.

  2. NUTSHELL! fucking great song.
  3. 95% of the people who play guitar don't know shit about notes, scales, etc. Just follow around the pitch until you find it.

    Even if you don't know anything, just narrow down the area of each part. If it's high, don't try and find the note on the low E string. Tabbing is half common sense, and half recognizing the patterns that they do. A non-blues person tabbing out blues might change things around in the style, such as with the bends and pull off. To an experienced blues player, these might make no sense whatsoever.

    Hope you get the general idea.

  4. No I gotcha. Thats how I figured out a bunch of stuff. I actually played the piano/keyboard first, and figuring out songs on that is much easier. So my 'skills' (lol) transfered a bit to guitar in that sense.

    This song is tough because it sounds like two strings at a time.... (like I Am Mine by Pearl Jam) for some reason I can figure out a barr chord easier than just two strings at once. The song does sound so friggin easy though. Its kinda pissing me off.
  5. A while ago I wrote a post on music theory introduction; perhaps you will find it useful:

    I also tried looking for the song "Chance in a Million" but only found a tiny excerpt from Youtube: [ame=]YouTube - chance in a million[/ame] . I picked up the guitar for a moment after listening to the bassline and came up with D - low G - C - high G:


    Maybe that can get you somewhere.
  6. I've never heard this song not live!

    The video you found shows them jamming. About half way through you can make out the main melody, but they have some improv in there.

    That does helo though. I'll get it one day! I'm trying to find the archive website's file of the set the song is on. For some reason the site, or whateve it is, isn't working!

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