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  1. so i have a passat that i took off everything on the back and its been a year and im ready to put a lil spice to it.
    (emblem for rear center -where VW circle emblem used to be-)

    does anyone know where i can get these: ??

    or one like they have that ferrari horse..but a unicorn emblem instead ha? ive been looking everywhere but cant find good ones.

    i found this one so worst case, this would be my last option;

    open to any suggestions as well. (just no religion emblems)
  2. [​IMG]

    You can buy mine. I make sexy emblems. Do you find me sexy?
  3. yeah i'd love that.thank you

  4. :eek: EWWWWWWWWWWW....what IS that??? A man with boobs or a really ugly chick with hairy boobs? :confused:
  5. my god i dont know...i just dont know!
  6. Couldnt find it but I'm sure you could get the shocker as a custom hood ornament somewhere, it usually represents upgrades in sleeper cars
  7. yeah ill keep trying. but thanks tho
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  9. We have just started making different emblems attached are a few - they will be finished in chrome, powder coat and any color anodize email for more info

  10. If you tell me what size and aprox what you are looking for , I will make and you can have it in a week. Any color pref, chrome?
  11. shave the emblem and latch. that's what I did :). or black vw emblem. or stock. anything else looks like shit IMO.
  12. so i actually got all my stuff probably a week after i posted this but thanks for the help anyways, to everyone

    for the back hood i went with the - and chose the flying pig emblem.
    and i got a white shocker decal for my rear window, and the opposite side has a white decal of a koala in a tree ha(because i love koalas).

    damn man where were you 5 months ago when i needed this the most!!??

    thanks for looking out bro, but yeah im all settled with everything. i do however, have a friend looking for some new stuff so ill mention it to him and let you know.

    what vw do you have?
  13. Lol, I used to work in a body shop, and I found an emblem that said "Chronic" on it lol. Grabbed that shit haha.
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    mkIV gti


    ^ emblem like that looks awesome IMO... (not my car, just a pic I dug up)
  15. im sure Robin Williams doesnt appreciate you talking about his 12 year old daughter like that.

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