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Help finding dealer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Burnt_Out, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. Ok, i've smoked every day for two years now (except for the past two weeks - need dealer) I was wondering what is a good way to go about finding a dealer? The guy i was going through before is under 18 so i don't want to increase my legal liabilities by going through him. I live in the albany, ny area and weed is hard to find (good weed anyway, at a decent price)
  2. The best way I know of is to ask ppl that you usually smoke with to either hook you up or introduce you to a connection.

  3. HIGH All, took the words right out of my hands critters.

    smoked every day for two years now and you Still don't know how to grow (shakes head back and forth slowly). I think when you start going on the internet to find yourself "a Dealer" you in no way should be smokin our sacred herb and that's My Hummble Opinion
  4. I can't grow cause i live w/ my parents. My friends who smoke weed are minors and have since stopped w/ that cause it could be portrayed as selling to minors and I could get slammed with quite a big charge. I do ask friends ect. but they don't have good hookups. I'm just asking for helpful suggestions. If you don't want to help then thats fine.
  5. nah man if your friends dont know where to get any then we wont know where you can get any either...Guess your screwed??? hehe
  6. which happens to be in albany county. although its growth rates aren't all that impressive. The suberbs surrounding it are growing faster. Ok, there are some peeps i could call, but their hookups are usually crappy. I wish i knew someone who nice BC bud around here.

  7. ditto
  8. I finally found a hookup. Well i don't really feel like I'm getting hooked up, but at least I'm able to purchase weed now. Schwag, but I smoke what I got, and after not smoking for a month, my tolerance went way down and $40 will get me throught the week :D
  9. check this out, u have to move up the ladder. keep buying from this dealer, soon, u'll be regular. when that happens, u might be hooked up to going some places where u'll meet new smokers to chill with, possibly new dealers as well. Also sometimes the dealer can always get better weed or when he's dry, hook u up with another source.

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