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  1. I'm looking for a way to smoke a bit of herb with less of a smell on my clothes and my breath. I'm thinking that a vaporizer can help me out with this.

    So... I'm looking for some advice and ideas of what to purchase.

    I'm looking for something that is relatively portable and something that is not too expensive. I'm thinking something less than 200 bucks would be preferable.

    Also, I'm looking for a good online resource to purchase said device... any help out there? Is this a terrible idea?

    Here's some of the ones that I've been looking at...

    Vapir One Vaporizer

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. That magic flight launch box seems to be a big hit around here. Check for threads on it
  3. Go with the I-olite they sell it in the GC shop too.
  4. Does anybody know what type of heating element the Launch Box uses?

    I've heard that ceramic is the best and that aluminum is not so good for you.

  5. Everything you wanted to know about the LaunchBox and more: Magic-Flight
  6. man, mis-information on this site is RAMPANT :p

    To the OP, everyone here is offering you a vape that will either break quickly, or leave you VERY dissatisfied. The LB gives SMALL hits, the VG can pretty much only be used indoors, and the IO...well lets just say that the IO is still up in the air on whether or not its even safe for you. At the first start up of the bowl small bits of CO are released, so I'm not going to be inhaling off of something that has that many questionable parts.

    Oh yea, and the plastic bits on the IO, very sketchy. Some kind of plastic is used on it that has a melting/vaping point of sumthing like 375-500*F. Those temps are far too close for comfort, to me at least :eek:

    Get a supreme vaporizer. You won't be looking back after the purchase, and its a great group vape. Tokes FAT hits too :hello:

    Look at this thread for much more info :D There are in-depth reviews, THICK milk videos and even users talking about selling off their IO's for a supreme ;)

    FC - Vaporizer Forum / Supreme Vaporizer

  7. Yes, the Supreme will give you thick hits, but like ANY vape that provides you with thick hits, it does so at the sake of efficiency. Unlike smoke, all those vapor clouds that you exhale from those "thick" hits are just wasted THC going up in air. For me, I'd rather take hits that are small enough for my lungs to process. That way I know I'm not wasting anything. But hey, that's just me. Others like those really thick bong like rips and for them the Supreme would be a better choice. But be careful not to burn the hell out of your fingers when using it. Unlike the LaunchBox, you can't just palm it or stuff it back in your pocket right after using it. Big price difference too. The Supreme costs twice as much.

    Suggestion to the OP. You've been given a link to the FC site. Great info there. I do suggest though to read thru various threads on different vapes so you can make a wise decision. Don't just read the one on the Supreme or just the one on the LaunchBox. Lots of good reviews on both.
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    Iwien - I did read that page earlier tonight, but it doesn't talk about what the heating element is made out of. I'll keep looking.

    And some more clarification on my needs...

    I'm looking for something simple and safe to use on a once a day basis at most. Doesn't need to be the biggest and fullest hits. As a matter of fact, smaller would be better for me since my primary objective is secrecy and less stink. The Supreme scares me a bit because I'd imagine that metal box gets damn hot... what with the warning and all.
  9. "The heating element is composed of a copper plated steel rod that heats up very quickly and is safe to inhale from at the temperature the Magic Box Vaporizer reaches – 380 Degrees F to be exact."
  10. The LB Gives decent sized hits, enough to do the job, but it's niot all smokey like either. It's really cheap and simple so it's easy to use outside/wherever and if anything happens to it while traveling, your not out 200+ dollars like some other portables.

  11. Uggg... sorry... and thanks!
  12. Not a problem. Hope ya get what ya need. :wave:

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