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Help finding a new dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killakay, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I don't really have a dealer here at home during winter break. There's a kid I kinda know who sold to me before but he's dry and I don't really wanna ask him if he knows of anyone. My friends all rely on me for hookups so that's not an option. Any ideas for a dry stoner?
  2. Sounds like your a bit young... :rolleyes:
    Well you should start by asking friends, do you know any other people who toke but dont buy from the guy you said was dry?
  3. None of my friends really toke besides 1, who just smokes when I have weed and I'm home from college(19). Could I ask my non stoner friends if they know anyone ? Lol this sucks college is so much easier
  4. I would go to your local BK or McDonalds get a meal and wait for the stoners.. Or the classic, loiter at the headshop..
  5. Call information, 9-1-1 is most likely the number in your area.
  6. looks like you might have to get some beer
  7. i just hit up my local police station, low success rate though
  8. just take a nice walk around town and see for any "toker activity" and just ask if anybody can sell u something? :3
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    Yes you can ask your non-toker friends. They probably know people who smoke. If I were you I would facebook message the stoners you went to high school with. Edit: You probably already know this but stick to small amounts when dealing with this kind of situation.
  10. Step one : go to the ghetto
    Step two: find the liquor store in the ghetto.
    Step three : park your car.
    Step four: get out of the car.
    Step five : buy blunt wraps
    Step six : complain loudly that you have no fillings for the wrappers loud enough for other customers to hear.
    Step seven but weed from one of the customers.
    Step eight: bring it to my house and smoke it with me for showing you how to buy weed in a new town with nearly a 100% success rate.

  11. lol does it realy help? i wonder what they will say/
  12. Just buy by the ounce and never go dry?

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