Help finding a great USB Scope?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DNorris, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hey GC!

    I currently am using a Radio Shack pocket scope and it works good, but not for taking pictures and posting on GC! I am looking for a great USB Scope that will work with VISTA SP2. Anyone have an suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. Type in USB Scope you will come accross dozens.
  3. I bought mine from its pretty sweet but you can find it cheaper elsewhere I just like there products a lot and support them.
  4. Thanks guys!

    SkarDawg - did you get the 200x or the 800x? I can't see why you would need the 800x. I know 200x will do the job. I might actually get this one. The ones on amazon don't have the best reviews. I want one I know someone is using that they like.
  5. I got the 200. I have no clue why you would need 800x cause I can only go like to maybe 75x before it is just a blur
  6. Damn scratch that.. it's the same one that I looked at before that said it's make sure you have XP SP3. I have Vista SP2.
  7. Looks like the 800x works with newer machines :) might have to go that route. Would have preferred $50 vs $100 though!
  8. I think I have Vista spc2 ill check when I get home to the laptop on the phone right now and ill upload some pics of buds. Too
  9. Sweet thanks SkarDawg! If you're right I am ordering it!

  10. vista sp2 should be newer and backward compatible with anything that runs on xp. Unless the scope says it doesn't work with anything newer than xp sp3, you should be good to go.
  11. Well hopefully you're right! I swear I read vista somewhere! Let me hunt around again and if I don't fin it this one would be perfect! Thanks!
  12. Looks like you are right! I searched the VEHO website and it appears it should work with Vista. Maybe I just misread that! Thanks a bunch for pointing out my oversight!

    Veho Website - Product Detail
  13. Most certainly, you're welcome! Wait for skardawg, just in case, that will make sure.
  14. I have seen some of those scopes on amazon, and the reviews say they aren't compatible, or the software won't work...and people have to download freeware to get them to work. Better safe than sorry hehe
  15. Well let's hope it works :) I just bought it on for $45
    I guess if it doesn't it gets returned! I will let you guys know if it works.

  16. I dont see why it wont work on Vista. The same exact one I have works on Windows 7. Theres not alot to the software but when taking a pick do it through the software panel and I would get a piece of wood and mount the stand to it.
  17. Just as suspected it's not working with my Vista PC. I have contacted the website to see if they can help it says it works with VISTA. I tried it on my work computer which is XP and works fine, but obviously I don't want to be snapping trich pics on my work issued laptop!

  18. Right click on the desktop icon for it and goto propertys and see if you have a tab or a option to run it in compatibility mode. I have Windows 7 but that option may be available on Vista. Do you have any other photo programs running in the background?

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