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Help finding a dab tool

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by chickenoregg, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. The tool to put your concentrates on. I found dentist picks on ebay for real cheap, but does anyone have a say on which shape is best? Or if there are any good budget type dabbers?

    I was looking at this one: DD6 STAINLESS STEEL DENTAL PICK DOUBLE END 6" | eBay

    Would it be good for picking up all types on concentrates? Bubble hash, full melts, waxs, oils, etc?

    Also if someone could, what are those pieces that you can torch and use it to burn your bowls of bud?
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    That looks like it should work. If you want to get fancy you can snag a Ti dabber. I use a "TiPower" double sided dabber. Ball point on one end flat head on the other end, this is the best dabber tool ive owned hands down.

    As for the peices you torch and vape your bud with..... those are just basic glass wands/rods. You can buy them at most shops for like 5 bucks. Nice to have.
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    Well heres the thing about dental picks; almost all of the cheap ones you find on the internet are low grade stainless steel. I know you may see a lot of people dabbing with them and paper clips, but you are most likely inhaling a very small amount of fumes from the pick when you dab. So id suggest buying a titanium or glass dabber, if its a glass dabber make sure you find one with a nice, thin point. But if you have 20$ to spend, buy a highly educated titanium dabber, i suggest the flat-heat dabber or the one with the tiny ball on the end, i use both depending on what type of consistency im working with.
    And that dental pick on ebay has very thin points and wouldnt be good for oil or dry crumble wax. It would be harder to get a fat dab of oil on that, and dam near impossible to get some crumble to stick to it. Certain types of bubble wouldnt want to stick to it. But if you have a seperate tool, like the double sided picks with a little blade on one end, then you can use the blade to scrape a dab and use that ebay pick as a dabber. And if you ever have some dry hash/wax you can use the blade to dab it.(again though good possibility you will inhale fumes with every dab) It really all depends on what you smoke; unless you only smoke one consistency your going to need multiple tools. If you smoke a lot of oil/sap a blade or scaping tool is a necessity. If you only smoke dry wax you really dont even need a scaper as you can just use your dabber.
    And when you say the thing to torch to smoke bowls..i assume your talking about a glow rod? Its just a piece of glass, sometimes with a ball or bulge on the end. You can find em at most headshops, just say glow rod/wand or glass wand. I assume you know how to use em, lol, just heat it with a torch then touch it your bowl and move around til cherried.
    Just noticed 215th post= prop. 215, which legalized marijuana for medical use in CA :hello:
  4. This post lays everything out about different dab tools if you want to check it out
  5. Good little piece you put together there. I would recommend doing some more research on stainless steel and it giving off gases when heated and pitting of TI when used in conjunction with other metals. You could have made a new thread about it and just copied all the info instead of a link to a link in a 3 year old thread though. Thanks for the sharing, Im sure this will help some newbs.
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    As long as you aren't scrapping your nail with it there shouldn't be any inhalation of fumes from the dabber. I agree with you 100% though, get a legit TI dabber the fat dabs will thank you later lol
  7. Look into the company called Skywalker Wraps, you can find this guy on facebook. His company is also under the name Daburai. He makes amazing little swords that are like samurai swords and light sabers. They are extremely cool, all of them are hand made and unique. The blade which you use to dab is made from sterling silver and the blade is Titanium. Please check out his work, its the coolest dab tool I have ever owned or seen, you will not want another dab tool once you see these! Check John Cretella out on facebook or instagram, his company is Daburai/skywalkerwraps!
  8. How much did you get yours for? I have seen similar ones that do look bad ass but they cost the price of a cheap rig the ones I saw were over $100 each. For a dabber that is just insane. The dude was trying to tell me the price was because of the silver. I offered to provide the silver if he would just do the labor and he never got back to me as im sure it is a scam as silver is dirt cheap right now.
  9. Hey Trixman22,

    I did a fairly large order with him with a group of friends and that brought the price down a lot. The ones I purchased had 24k gold accents and inlay, along with some really rare tripache emeralds so they were over a $100 but for the amount of detail and work that went into the item I feel it is a completely fair price. The ones I purchased are also pendants so they can be worn as a necklace which I really enjoy. The fact they are hand made in america by a single artist who sources all his materials locally is what makes them worth the buy, plus they are all unique one of a kind item.
  10. I just have a glass point and a scoop at the other end, 10 bucks from a shop by me if you wanna go simple
  11. Also, a little leftover oil on it (some people don't like it) will get crumble to stick easily or a little heat
  12. I've been using a tiny flat head screwdriver (for fixing glasses) for dabbing waxes. You can find them at dollar stores an shit. You can use anything steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, glass and quartz and probably some other things too. You've got dabbers all over your house man. For shatter I just use a large needle for leather.
  13. Just buy a dab tool. Why on earth would you want to use some questionable quality dental pick? Check out your local head shop, they will have options at various price points that are actually safe.
  14. what they are saying is that some metals willl give off toxic gases when heated to certain temps. it is why you hear everyone saying to use Ti or stainless.
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    I know. And what I'm saying now, and tried to imply earlier, is that your dabber doesn't get hot enough to release any fumes. I think there's a general fad or trend among the dabbing community about inhalation of fumes, and the attitude about it is totally elitist. People have lost their common sense and jumped on the hip bandwagon of uber clean smoking and looking down on anything but. Like, if you don't use a TI dabbber then your a fuckin noob or something. When generally speaking, most of us been puffing a bic lighter from a spoon pipe or bong for ages before dabbing got big.

    Nails are a different story, but the dabber just doesn't get hot enough. No one is dying from zinc or galvanized poisoning from the fumes off a bent up paper clip right? So why people trippin? They wanna be cool like the rich kid with the $100 ti dab katana
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    if you can't find a proper dabber, a steel dental pick works well


  17. True, but extended use can cause pitting on TI and Steel can give off gases if heated enough.

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