help find a PH meter Please! :-( Noobie needs help..

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by law_101, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. so i believe i need a ph tester but cannot find one that i think would work.. if anyone has a link or even a ebay item number that i can grab one off of it would be GREAT!!! Please help a new person out... Trying to gather before thinking about a operation...
  2. anything a bit cheaper?
  3. not waterproof? you dip that right into the solution... can you explain how its not please? New to PH meters...

  4. The non water proof style need to be held with the probe in the water, but the digital display needs to stay dry.

    Waterproof meters can be just plunged into the water and you read them as the float.
  5. for soil.. what would you say? Either way i have to make a slurry.. unless i an just stick it right into the soil?

  6. Either probe will work fine with slurry .... waterproof is easier to use when working with a large rez.

    Cheap soil probe pH meters are are generally toys and not to be trusted. Besides even after you test your soil you still need a regular meter to adjust your water/feed.
  7. Check out they have some that are pretty inexpensive. Make sure that you dont drop them in your res or you will be buying a new one. Make sure to calibrate the cheaper one twice a week.

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