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  1. So i got some weed and i want to smoke. I cant smoke outside and i ussally wait till about ten or whenever rents go to sleep. I wait till the heater kicks on cause its kinda loud and then start smoking, so you can see the only problem really is my lighter flicking. i dont have a candle so i cant use that, is there a way i can light my lighter with out flicking it. and any help for makeing it smell less would also be helpful, i already use a paper towel tube with dryer sheets and spray fabric softner and axe bodyspray but anythingelse would be helpfull also.

    But mainly how to light lighter without flicking it.
  2. cover with ur sheets thats what i do
  3. If you must smoke inside i say you should make a lightbulb vaporizer, it is very effective and creates virtually no smell. And a lighter flicking is not a very loud sound, you shouldnt even have to worry, if you must cover it up with a cough

  4. ok now what about my lighter problem?

  5. i have one of those but not where im at right now, and if i use one i use a candle because my bic gets to hot and its a waste of fluid
  6. that was the solution

  7. then please explain what im suposed to do, and i cant keep my bowl going cuz im smoking resin, i know i know, resins bad, it taste nasty, i dont give a fuck, its all i got so please no comments on how bad resin is.
  8. light the lighter under the sheets
  9. so many things wrong with this scenario...

    but w/e...we all had to sneak around at some point haha

    anyway, just cough whenever you flick your lighter. It's really not as noticeable as you think. I used to get all paranoid about that shit too, until I realized that when I go to the other side of the wall, it wasn't even audible.
  10. The best solution to your problem is a vape. Check out the "Magic Flight Launch Box" vape. There are good videos of this vape on youtube. If you have to use a lighter, use a good one. You might consider a torch lighter which ignites with just a slight "click." Maybe the dude down at your local smoke shop can help with a better lighter.

    I hope this helps you:)

    Peace, love, weed, and good vibes:)

  11. ok i see what your talking about, iv thought of that but idk, i guess ill have to do that

  12. yeah i know i would like one, but i couldnt get this in the next 5 hours so untill then
  13. anybody else have any input?
  14. Seriously dude, listen to me and the other people telling you it isn't a big deal, and if you STILL insist it is.. cough. /thread
  15. alright, thanks for help tokers
  16. Open your window and sit next to it. Believe it or not, the open airway keeps the sound from vibrating off the walls n jus goes right out the window. YOU personally will still hear it. But somebody could stand right outside ur door when u do it, and long as ur window is open n ur next to it, they wont hear hardly anything. anyone further away than right outside ur door wont hear shit.

  17. im in the basement, there are no windows that open
  18. just go outside

  19. like i said, cant
  20. whatever ur doing, the sound of a lighter flick is prolly ur least worry. its all about the smell, going outside prolly works best at da mama crib

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