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  1. ok so i have 4 plants 2 ready to be chopped and dried. Well heres the problem.

    I live with my parents and I cant be cought again with weed or im thrown out, so
    can anyone help me out on to pick a spot to dry my buds without my parents finding or smelling them. Closet is not an option, attic may be. I was wondering if i could build a square wooden box and place it outside and hang the buds in there to dry. I just dont want any moisture to get on them and cause mold. please help
  2. if I was in your boat.. I would not hang them at all.. I would find a box. trim all the herb and cut it all off the stems into the box, lay some papertowels under then to soak up some of the moisture they'll put off.. keep the nugs turned often and in a concealed spot.. the attic would probly be good seeing as how it will be just another box.. Although the heat in the attic(unless it's cool there already) will probly dry them pretty quick so check on them often... All that this does is dry them a little quicker and make it to where you don't have to hang them.. I have done it with a few crops when I needed to dry it out fast because of mold problems...
  3. did u get any mold problems with mold when u dried them in the box because there is no ventilation except for moving them around once in a while. I deffinantly cannot get up into my attic everyday to turn the buds and check for mold, so Im still not sure if i can put them up there. What if i did what you said, except put the box outside
  4. is it humid where you live .. ? I'd say if it's around 50% or less than ya they should dry fast outside. And no I didn't havemold problems because of drying them in a box.. it was just the room I was working with had some problems while the herbs grew..
  5. nope not really humid here i live in ct. Its just starting to get cool here in the mornings, so in the mornings there is dew on the ground. I would like to just place a big box outside and put the bud in it, but again i need ventilation, so that means cut a few holes in the box, but if i do that then dew will get into the box each morning and resoak my buds. i dont fuckin no wut to do. and by the way, i think im harvesting friday. and did u close ur box completely when u dried them, and how often did u open the box and turn the buds
  6. personally the outside box doesnt sound like a good idea to me. but that doesnt mean it wont work. its just a little risky. i usualy go with a wooden box in my room or in my basement.maybe even in a shed or garage. but i picked a few grams the other day, and it smelled up my whole room. so your in a rough spot.i think maybe you should try your attic, but it wll be hott up there. it might dry to fast. maybe pick a piece today and try out the attic or your box idea. or maybe both.
  7. no definitely leave the box open .. and I wouldn't recommend putting it outside either man.. what's wrong with the attic?

  8. ha ha ha, i live with my wife and kids and "I cant be cought again with weed or im thrown out".

    so what you do is simply get a cooler or some kind of airtight box, don't bother building something, $20 cooler is fine. Go to hardwood store and get some damp out or moldy basement crystals or i would think even cat litter. pour stuff in cooler, place screen on top or even paper and put the buds on it, and they'll be dry enough in a few days that you won't have to worry about mold. after the dry a bit, then you can put them in the attic for maybe a week, that would be good! then go to army/navy surplus get yourself an ammo box and stash it in the woods. i've done that for years.

    don't be so hung up on hanging these boys up, then don't need to be hung up, that would be nice, but lay them on a screen a few inches above some dehdrating mixture. it'll be okay!
  9. when u say damp out do u mean a little packet that are ususally in shoe boxes that keep the dampness out or something

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