Help!!! Fast!! Huge plant is sick!!!

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  1. so this plant is about 3 months old its a single plant and the bottom leaves are turning yellow and the tips of upper leaves also!! Its been growing very lush and all the sudden its slowing growth and having this problem!! It May be over watering but I need to remedy this asap! I also cloned her e times and 1 clone shows the same symptoms but not the newest nor oldest clone please advise!!

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  2. These are pics from June 1 to June 8 Resized_20210608_141559.jpeg 20210608_132035.jpg 20210608_105749.jpg 20210608_132035.jpg 20210608_105710.jpg
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  3. shes slowed growth and slowly leaves bottom up turning yellow and the tips of top growth yellowing also
  4. Check PH and maybe add more N if PH is good.
  5. What are you feeding? Really need more info than a pic.
    Lighting? etc.....
  6. Need pics of the problem area closer .
    Also better pics of top of the plants . As harddrive said lights your using how many watts ? How tall is this plant ? You need to trim the bottom branches off. GOOGLE HOW TO LOLLY POP. .
    Very bottom of the plant if its not getting light will start looking ugly. and the top and middle of the plant will have sexy growth .
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  7. Well I'm using heavy heavy wattage for lights. 250 watt hps 150 watt Mh 2 60 watt cfl 1 led grow light for.tomatoes
  8. its been around 75 degrees sometimes higher at peak and between 45-70% humidity lights are on 16 hours and off 8 every night. She was fine as of 6/1 I cloned her that day..thT clone is healthy and rooted... I cloned her again with the smallest branch on 6/4 that one is also yellowing at the bottom and I cloned her again 6/8 that clone is perfect as of now
  9. she was absolutely perfect u told maybe 6/9 and then the yellowing started right after a neem oil treatment. I noticed the neem tests at a base for PH I'm wondering if the neem affected ph. The ph reads more base right now I think its part of it..... and I'm really nervous the roots sit wet....... the top of the soil gets dry FAST but it seems that inside stay wet. I don't want to loose her... I made major adjustments to the room tonight hoping to have results by tomorow ill update as k go... counted 5 yellow leafs today and 3 at leaf mid plant completely shriveled and died while still green.
  10. Those are low wattage lights.

    1,000 watt HPS is high wattage lamps.

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  11. I keep seeing just those same two pictures of extreme low center growth and its just a couple leaves. Unless it’s more than that I wouldn’t even think twice about it. Low bottom leaves yellow, they fall off and die. That’s simply what happens and if that’s all that’s happening with your plant then it’s a non-issue.

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  12. Thanks j what scares me is the situation that unfolded and order of events. So the leaves are yellowing bottom up and the tips of all new growth turned yellow at the same time and purple stems started to form again on upper foliage...

    Anyways here's the newest pix for you guys to gather what you can for better say a thousand words... I got good ones this tkme

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  13. Shes looking more healthy today and I want to believe it is lower growth dying off the fact it's coupled with purple stems and yellow foliage tips scares me rather catch it early if it's not. Figured best thing was to ask. Thanks for all input so far... should I remove the damaged leaves now?
  14. This leaf just fell off on its own when i 20210611_193005.jpg bumped it.
  15. These are her clones the one with yellow has the same issue its the 2nd clone out of 4

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  16. Am I missing something? The single only pictures of yellowing leaves are old bottom leaves. I would often pick 20 yellowed, dead crispy leaves a day off of my large plants.

    You said new growth was yellowing - I’m not seeing it. At all. Brand new growth is often a lighter green than surrounding plant matter but you don't have any new yellowing growth.

    Cannabis stems are often purplish - genetically.

    While of course I’m not there and cant see what you’re seeing, IMO from what I’m seeing you’re overthinking and over worrying about non-issues.

    Curious - what are you running for lighting?

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  17. Hey just a heads up this is my first time ever growing weed never mind clones and diseases and nutes and lighting.. I've been studying university research papers and watching lectures concerning horticulture and plant biology though. I've been studying photosynthesis and chemistry as it relates to plants.

    Just a disclaimer.

    I haveultiple lights on the plant now. About 10 in total. Varying from CFL to HPS to MH and LED.

    From the University of Utah NASA funded research, the professor claims they have pages of data that shows that the spectrum of light only dictates the shape of the plant basically andthatwhT matters is hitting it with as many usable photons as possible while maintaining ideal growth environment is what really makes the plant explode. So against most novice and advanced growers opinions. I'm using a; 250 watt HPS (1), 150 watt MH (2), a tomatoes style led grow light (3) {unknown wattage}, a double bulb fixture I'm unsure of type or wattage (4), a bright floodlight style fixure {unk}, and a CFL {unk}.

    1)250 HPS
    2)150 MH
    3) tomatoes grow light led
    4)Double fixture
    5) floodlight fixture

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