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  1. Came home from work today to realize the two of the circles for my ez clone were half way off and water was spitting out..the water wasnt the problem..the circle was, and how it got to b half way off. My first thought somebody found my stash and wanted to take a look and my roots and didnt put it back n all the way cuz he/she was n a hurry to leave b4 i found them n there...So i asked my sis and she said she didnt go in there, she smart to she said "maybe the pressure from the sprayers caused it to come out. I was like no, cuz its just lil sprinklers that spray, not much pressure. And the room where i keep it at is always locked and it was when i came home, and me and my partner r the only ones wit keys. Basicly wanted to kno if any of u had the same problem with the aeroponic setup...and i kno i didnt do it bcuz everytime i check my roots i unplug it and lift the whole top...should i pretend to go to work and wait for that M*fu*ker to come back just to stare down caliber of my .40. Or im i just paranoid some one is on to me, lol.
  2. if i was that paranoid I would move my op somewhere else. Do you trust your partner?
  3. Yea, i do, he is the last of my worry. I think it might of just came loose, plus my spot is pretty legit. so no one can really just come across it...i even did a lil experiment..i took one of the circles and made it kinda loose, half way out kinda, but not enough to start spitting out. Gona wait a couple days and see if it comes loose like the others did...will b back with results....

    thanks for the advice produceboy, i would if it was in a diffrent ur thinking, if anything is wrong, change of plans a.s.a.p.

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