HELP! Extreme bong cleaning advice needed.

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    Hello everyone.
    As you can tell by the title I need help. The past year I have been only using vaporizers to get baked so I lent my ROOR to a cousin of mine. It's a nice triple chambered roor with perc. I recently got it back and it was disgusting. I guess it is my fault in the first place to lend it to someone and I know I should go to jail for neglecting this awsome piece. I tried almost everything to get this cleaned and it's tough. I posted up some pictures. Your advices will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. First of all, welcome to the city.

    Second of all here is what I would do...

    Put that thing in the tub and just run the hottest water possible throught it for about 20 min.
    Then go out and buy yourself a bottle of isoprophyl rubbing alchohol (the higher the % the better), actually maybe youll probably need 2 or 3 bottles for that mess. Then take some salt and mix it in with the alcohol. Swirl the mixture around for a while and shake it very well. After that I would suggest letting some more rubbing alcohol just sit in that mess overnight. That looks discusting, but hopefully this should clean it well enough. Hope this helps :)
  3. Thats a mess! I assume you've tried isopropyl alcohol and salt (kosher) and shook it like crazy? I had some resin in my ehle that just wouldnt come out with this method. I had to use a "420" soak which chemically binds to resin and removes it. You pour it in and let it sit for about 6 hours and its clean as.... um well something clean. :D
  4. Rubbing alcohol and rock salt. Shake well and enjoy.
  5. If you already tried rubbing alcohol and salt then try to buy 420 cleaner or something at a headshop.
  6. Yes I've tried the solutions but it still pretty tough to clean. My ROOR is pretty big too so it's kind of hard to shake like crazy. Do you think maybe some smoke shops clean bongs for you for a fee?
  7. No lol, it would illegal for you to even take it there, they'd ask you to leave.
  8. HaHa yeah I thought so. But it be cool if there was a place like that.
  9. The Black Grunge Off.

    /end thread.
  10. Dude trust me, it doesn't get extreme till it gets black.

    Either a commercial cleaner or Iso and Salt.
  11. I've never seen iso and salt fail. Make sure you run boiling water through it before you clean its, it should just fall off/dissolve. Do it a couple times and I gaurantee it will be clean again.
  12. please post a pic under all the dirty ones of it clean again, i can't even see in the poor thing.
  13. Oh yes I will definately post a clean pic of the ROOR after I clean it.
  14. nono. No boiling water, especially through a RooR. It could potentially damage the glass. Just run hot water through it and it should be a good start. Afterwards would be when you go to town with isoprophyl and rock salt
  15. Iso alcohol and either salt or uncooked rice.

    That bong is fucking disgusting right now. I can't believe someone would let such a nice piece of glass get that dirty.

  16. You don't want to put uncooked rice in there because once it gets wet it gets stuck to the bottom of your beaker
  17. excuse me if i sound retarded here, but how could hot water damage glass?
  18. Boiling water tends to crack glass up depending on how strong it is. Pouring boiling water into something tends to expand it and therefore it breaks.
    Hot water's all right though.
  19. Thank you. Yes boiling water can be bad for glass. Stay away.
  20. fuck anything any of these people just said. just boil some water and put salt in it like do 2 quarts of water and a half cup of salt. after it boils take it off the heat and et it cool down just a bit so its not boiling and just steamy.

    pout it down your bong a few times and the shit will come right out.

    i hd the same issue with this crazy curly down steam in an ash catcher i have. all the gunk was cloggin it. dipped it in some hoty salt water for a few minutes and voila.

    here in fact i need to do a regular maintenance of all my pieces, ill show you a before and after of all of them to show how good it works.

    stay tuned for more

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