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Discussion in 'General' started by Liquidtruth, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I am curious if anyone on the forums clicks the "Help End World Hunger" link in my sig on a regular basis? With two simple clicks you can help feed people, I think it is worth the time to do so daily... So, who does it?
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  2. I never really noticed that link in your sig before, but I'm going to be clicking it now.
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  3. I agree. Now that I know, I've bookmarked it.

  4. All I knows is, Im out for MINES and mines only at this point. Fuck everyone else, they can starve for now. When Im rich and pushin the bentleys, Ill start donating money to help the little pigmys.
  5. it doesnt cost any money, you just click on 2 links and bam, donated.
  6. Word? Post a link Ill click that shit

    EDIT: NVM theres one in Liquid truths sig
  7. Yes, I should have mentioned that there is no cost to you in the OP. Thanks for mentioning that! :)
  8. how do you know it's not a scam? Sounds too good to be true.
  9. :confused_2: Even if it is a scam, it's not like it's costing me any money. It's just two clicks.
  10. Ive clicked it. I have always thought it was funny that you try to feed the hungry and quote Nietzsche in the same sig. Didnt Nietzsche say that the only function of charity is to maintain the useless at the expense of the strong and something about charity being part of the slave revolt mentality. I hope he isnt right because what a sad world it would be if he was.

  11. Yuppers, what she said.
  12. I click on it whenever I see your post in a thread, even if it doesn't do anything, I can be ignorant and pretend it does, and then I feel like a good person lol :D
  13. it probably just makes money for the site owners, though. A scam. fuck that, if that's what it is...
  14. It is not a scam. Do some searching on the net and you will see. The site has been operating for a long time now, it is not new. Glad to hear people are starting to click! :D

    Check the site out, and go visit some of the other sites (tabs on the top) where a click can help fund other stuff (Like free mammograms for those who may not otherwise be able to get it, and Healthcare for Children, etc..) . It is paid for by the sites sponsors, check with them if you think it is a scam.
    I just added the Nietzsche quote last night, the hunger link has been there longer. :)
  15. my time is too valueble for TWO WHOLE CLICKS. maybe if it was one but not TWO. lol j/k

    ill click it later . i promise to get on it...
    (actually ill click after this post...)
  16. my memory is bad,,,, but on a talk radio show,, i heard a official of australlia i believe it was,,,,

    suggested that instead of ? uthenizing cats that maybe they should send them to n. korea, to feed the people thier,,,,,

    wild as hell i thought,,,, but this is a thread about world hunger,,,,:rolleyes:

  17. We have enough food to feed everyone on this planet.. I would not suggest sending cats anywhere to act as food, the animals we have made our pets should be immune to our appetites, especially considering no one has to starve.

    As a (main) side note... Click the link and help end world hunger!

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