help electrical problem, indoor plant to outdoor?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Panda85, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. so randomly started having a problem with my parents house wiring. half of the breaker box in each part of the house are going out. no breakers flip but lose power to about 7 different circuits throughout the house at the same time. at first my hps lamp was flickering and would kick off then turn back on. will this hurt the lamp with it on a surge protector?

    it has nothing to do with the lamp(which is brand new) still loses power through the house with it off unplugged and breakers off to it..

    im in the process of moving still and staying at my parents with my grow box and my medi card so its all legal but they are convinced its my lights. if they force me to shut the power off to where my box is, how would i go about introducing a full grown scrog plant to outside? the plant just hit 1 week into flower also and trying to avoid shocking the shit out of it..

    i have started small plants indoors and moved them out in the spring but thats a little different story. it should be close to flowering season outside anyway so that shouldnt be an issue..just the hot ass sun. it also becomes illegal to grow outside not in a grow box with a lock(in michigan). maybe if i can find some thing to box it in and have a box like a greenhouse with a lock on it and use the sun for light?

  2. Call an Electrician:D
  3. Are your parents aware of and consent to your grow?

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