Help Effective Way To Silence Apollo Horticulture 400W Dimmanble Ballast Fan

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  1. Hey guys,
    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a little problem i've got.
    I just ordered an Apollo Horticulture 400 w dimmable ballast and the exhaust fan on this thing is really loud.  I was wondering if there was any way that i could silence this thing? 
    I was thinking about going to an electronic store and searching for another fan to take the place of this one.
    If anyone has had any success in reducing noise caused by a ballast exhaust fan, please lend me your solution?
    Thanks in advance!


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    The fan is internal. There are ballasts with no fans and no noise. I have one of the Apollo ballasts, no way to turn it down. I would either get one of the ballasts without a fan or just deal with the noise. The exhaust fan for the tent will be much louder anyways
  3.  That sucks, my inline fan 195cfm 4inch is way quieter than my ballast lol.
    I have found a way to silence the fans down to at least 50% but in return i loose some cooling functionality.
    I took some aluminum tape and taped up both intake and exhaust on my ballast.  I then punched half of the holes for exhaust and 1/4 of the holes for intake.  Now it just sounds like a computer idling.  See pics below:
    Whats causing that hollowing howling/whistling noise is because the air is flowing through the hollow shell so fast that its causing the fan to sound way louder than it needs to be.  So restricting the air flow a little bit silences it tremendously.  Its still cool enough to hold in hands on max output for a couple hours straight.

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  4. Chief, I don't think that's a gud idea. U probably got a defected one because I have the same brand same watts n mines is far from a problem. Along with the exhaust fan and circulating fans, its hardly noticeable. My entire tent soundz like an a.c. running. Y risk the ballast getn overheated?
  5. yea you are right. So you have the same ballast and it doesn't sound like a train tunnel with the fan on?  I went to my local hydroponics store and picked up a extention cord for my lamp and placed the ballast inside of my closet away from my grow and its completely fine now.  I think i will save up and get a digital ballast with a heat sink or something.

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