Help dying plants please advise 1st grow

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  1. Fucking disaster lads, came back and checked them after the first light cycle. and they were on there arse look at the pics. they were great halfway through the cycle. put water on them and three of them are starting to come back, heres the pics, one is still down though.:/ so shitty, need to do something, it was 35 degrees celcius in there this morning. feels really hot in therreits now at 26 degrees celcius, can someone let me know what happened to them? was it the heat? dried out soil? seemed to be pretty dry the soil. theres currently no direct extractions from the area they are inim presuming thats an issue
  2. There's no pics.
  3. adding now sorry
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  5. There very very very stretched, needs light. What does your lighting look like.
  6. This is what they were like last night, in first couple of hours of the first 18/6 light cycle,
    the light was a recomended 2ft exactly away from them.
  7. heree

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  8. cheers for the quick replys

    i reckon they were blasted by heat in a confined space, was 35degrees, the soil seemed dry, was very moist 24hours ago though. watered the pots originally 5/6 days before.

    Have just thoroughly watered.

    Should i have watered them again when i turned the light on at first to start the cycle.
    I read you only water them every couple of weeks!!!!!??????
  9. What kind of lighting are you using?
  10. 400w hps from start to finish, on a fucking piss poor no cash budget
  11. Come on guys, this is a disaster for a first time grower, in bad need of some advice here.
  12. i say you still get a little closer to the plants. Because they are still looking like they are stretching. Just make sure they dont get to hot. But im still a new grower as well so...
  13. Cheers for the replys,

    any advice from someone with any experience is good.

    Is it possible that they are dead? damaged forever? how serious is this potentially?

    I have more seeds there and if there was a decent chance even of them being hurt in the long run id probably start again.

    What temperature should it be? we have now put the light like 6 feet away.
    Were going to put it closer
  14. the one in the pic that was still lying on the ground has started to lift his head now after the good watering so i reckon it was just lack of water and the very high heat in the room, wat ye think??

    also the room seems to be keeping a steady heat of 25C so do you reckon they will come bak to full health and the light is now at exactly 2ft cas it was actually at 2 and a half foot before!!

    Any thoughts on this???
  15. Yea, I'd say to put the light a little closer, because they are stretching looking for light. But like everyone else said, make sure they don't get too hot or why will die. As for them being permenantly damaged, I had this happen to one of my plants and it turned male, that may have jsut been a coincidence since it was not feminized, or it could have been because it didn't get enough light I'm not sure. I wish you the best though. I'm also not too experienced with indoor grows, i do mostly outdoor, i've only done 1 indoor before so i could also be wrong. lets hope not lol

  16. cheers mate how high would you say i should be at with the light and do you know a good room temp that i should have???
  17. You might want to gently prop them up with pencils or something I had a seedling that came out corkscrewed so I tied it to a pen and straightened it out. A month later it had a half inch thick stem and you'd never have known.
  18. Cheers is 25degrees ok?>??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  19. Try that, or if you still have some room before the top of the pot, try raising the soil level if you can. As for the temperature question you asked, I'd say about 70-80 degrees ferenheit, but i don't know the celcius conversion off the top of my head but i'm sure you can find a converter online, sorry.

  20. alright tied them up with cotton buds to hold them but its far from perfect but hopefully do the job how long untill they will be strong would you say ?

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